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Style Mama – Rebecca Rankin – Reinvent Yourself

This week’s StyleMama believes that there comes a time in a mother’s life when she’s able to reinvent herself. Many professional women reprioritize their lives when they start a family with the focus being their children. Rebecca says when children … read more

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Comfy Shoes for Stylish Gals

If you want to look stylish, but don’t want to chase your kids in 4-inch platform heels, then Tsubo shoes may be the hip solution to your footwear needs.  Tsubo (pronounced SOO-bo) is the Japanese word for “pressure point” and … read more

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Stay in a Suite for the Tenth of the Price

In 2008, I was planning a trip to NY and wanted an alternative to a $500 hotel shoebox.  The pickins’ were slim.  Fast-forward to recession-ridden 2010 and suddenly every investment banker and model is renting out their chic pad for a … read more

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Where do the Hipsters go on holidays?

When I moved to London several years ago, a good friend who has more passport entries than a flight attendant gave me the Louis Vuitton European City Guide. The European City Guide is part of a series of travel books … read more

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