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RM Book Lounge: Fifty Shades of Grey – A License for Porn

Fifty Shades of Grey has given women around the world a license to read porn. Women who most definitely would not buy an adult movie in a hotel room, women who would most definitely not buy a magazine from the … read more

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Inside & Out: Finding Fabulous with the Kids

It is an unfortunate truth that having kids makes life a little less glam. Practicality becomes a driving force when choosing shoes, clothes, handbags and, all too often, vacation spots. Will the accommodation accommodate us? (Could we make a hotel … read more

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Just for Me: One Day at a Time – A Mom’s Mantra

Now that I’m a mother, I remind myself daily of this bumper-sticker phrase that in previous incarnations of my life, I laughed away. (I also laughed away Easy Does It – another mantra I should probably adopt.) I remind myself … read more

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