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RM StyleMama: Jessica Hindson – Expose your Kids to Music

This week’s StyleMama, Jessica Hindson, says the more you expose you’re children to music the greater the appreciation they’ll have for anything musical.  Jessica is a strong advocate of music education. As a musician and an owner of a string … read more

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Juice-up Your Workout with Fat Burning Tunes!

Your ipod may be the answer to melting away more calories! Researchers in Liverpool last year found that people increase or decrease their effort and pace to match the tempo of music. So, I asked myself “Who can make me … read more

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RM Books & Music: Miranda Lambert & Jane Austen

Miranda Lambert, “Female Vocalist of the Year”  nominee at the upcoming Country Music Awards is “staring down every woman-scorned cliché” with her latest album. Then, rediscover the classics with Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, which will engage you with its story … read more

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Biodanza: Free Yourself with Dance

Let go!  Feel the music and move.  Let it take you away or deep into yourself.  Fill up on life’s vibrancy, creativity and human connection.  This is biodanza; and it’s not a bad way to spend an evening. My friend … read more

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