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Inside & Out: The Agile Mom

There’s a rather remarkable phenomenon at work in motherhood that I like to call Momflation – a rise in the cost of pretty much everything in our life after we have kids, for at least a couple of decades.  This … read more

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Inside & Out: The Joneses are just not worth it!

It is hard to take healthy stock of our lives without thinking of someone else who seems to have it more together.  And when we do compare consciously or subconsciously, are we letting it determine the success of our own … read more

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Inside & Out: Don’t Stand in the Way of Your Own Success

Are you sitting at home frustrated with your life? Hate your job or the fact that you don’t have one? Want to lose weight but don’t have the time or energy? Yearning to take piano lessons but too busy chauffeuring … read more

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Inside & Out: Diary of a Girl’s Weekend

Today is Friday, Nov 4, 2011. Tomorrow I’m going to St Martin with four of my best girlfriends for four nights, and I don’t want to go. How did this happen? Saturday, Jan 1 “We are all turning 40 this … read more

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