StyleMama – Erin Hazelton – The Bold Approach

Okay, this week’s StyleMom is a fashion writer who knows her Chloe from her Chanel, so she has one up on most of us. But Erin Hazelton taught me one thing and that is to be bold and to take chances.

Erin Hazelton

“When I was young people would make fun of the outfits I’d put together, but then a year later they’d be wearing the same thing.” – Erin

Photo by Mindy Veissid

My most daring attire consists of black on black. For Erin, who as a young girl changed her outfits 6 times a day, color and textures don’t frighten her. She also has a great aesthetic, which can likely be attributed to her art history background. She loves vintage and designer clothes but will not turn her nose up to a cute top at Jcrew or Zara.

While I’m not sure I could pull off a denim skirt with a silk blouse, she convinced me that by taking chances and trying new things you can define style by your own terms.

Home: New York, NY
Age: 30-years-old
Children: 2-year-old boy & 5-month-old girl

Occupation: Mom/freelance fashion writer. Erin covered fashion for almost a decade for publications such as Russian Vogue,, The Boston Globe, Fashion Wire Daily and Time Out New York. She recently started a blog called After taking time off from her career to stay home with the kids, Erin felt the need to reconnect with her life in the fashion world.  Her blog allows her to profile people within her inner circle and highlight their achievements, style, and why she likes them. It keeps her finger on the pulse… without the deadlines.

How does she look so damn good? Erin is an avid runner, but these days most of her training comes from chasing after her toddler and trying to save her five-month-old from the toddler’s shenanigans. This paired with eating well, which, for Erin, means doing her best to avoid all things refined (though she will admit to the occasional lapse), keeps her in shape. She also swears by a daily dose of dark chocolate.

What’s she wearing?

Coat: Yves Saint Laurent
Blouse: Pilgrim (a little shop in the Lower East Side)
Skirt: vintage Celine
Belt: Fendi
Boots: Prada
Watch: vintage, from Portobello Market in London
Bracelet: Janis by Janis Savitt
Glasses: Globus (a department store in Geneva)
Bag: Sara Battaglia

Her Style:

“I love a 1970′s silhouette – long and lean – and I like my clothes tailored; everything needs to fit properly. In an ideal world I would be able to channel Katherine Hepburn with some Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy thrown in.”

I’m a bit of a francophile. I do the most damage to the bank account when I’m in Paris during the sales. My modern day icon is my friend Giovanna – she is elegant and sophisticated but isn’t afraid of a little quirkiness. She is the epitome of Italian. She is always ‘dressed.’ It’s amazing… Scratch my first sentence: I do the most damage to the account when I’m in Paris with Giovanna. Sales or no sales.”

Do you have a friend, family member, or colleague who has her own unique style or can make a potato sack look like its from Saks? Send me an email via my contact form. I’d love to hear from you!

StyleMom Photographer: Mindy Véissid, a native New Yorker, grew up surrounded by lights, shadow and movement. Her photos reflect not only this, but also incorporates her creative background in painting and writing by use of metaphor, texture and composition. Mindy has been called an intuitive photographer, in that she shoots from her heart. Because of this, she is able to capture candid, true and fleeting moments. Before becoming an international fine art photographer in 2009, Mindy worked in the corporate world and found herself living in Luxembourg and Switzerland for six years. Mindy moved back to the US in 2007, and currently resides in New York City. For more information, visit or on Facebook.

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  1. Indira Pillai says:

    Wow-It is wonderful to see all these young mothers wearing so many different hats and still looking fabulous .They look relaxed and beautiful

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