StyleMama: Sharon Pollack – Living by Her Own Rules!

Sharon Pollack is in the middle of launching a company, but still manages to spend quality time with her daughter, schedule at least 2-3 dates nights a week with her husband, and head to the gym almost everyday.  She says she has moments of anxiety and insanity like the rest of us, but lives by simple rules to keep her life running smoothly. I asked this super-mommy to please share her secret to having it all….

Get to bed at early!
“I head to bed after my daughter goes down between 8:30 – 9pm, except on date-nights with my husband. This sounds ridiculously early to some people but it gives me 10 hours of sleep and allows me to get up an hour before my daughter wakes. I clean the house and check my email before she needs my attention.”

Prep the night before
“I get everything I can get done the night before. I pack my daughter’s lunch and set her clothes out and make a schedule for the next day. This way we can have an enjoyable morning without the chaos.”

Take a mommy time-out
“If I’m losing my patience with my little one, I tell her mommy needs a time-out and then step away for a minute and breath. I find a minute is all you need to calm down and refocus.”

Make Lists
“I write everything down. I even have a notepad beside my bed in case my mind is racing. I find it helps to wake up and get everything out of your head onto paper and then go back to sleep. Your mind is able to rest knowing that your thoughts are captured somewhere.”

No Parenting Rules
“I think we often don’t trust ourselves when it comes to parenting. We judge ourselves and create unrealistic expectations for ourselves and our children. Trust your inner voice and listen to your instincts. What may be good for your friend’s two-year-old may not work for your own child. Live by your own rules.”

Sharon Miller Pollack with her daughter

Home: Phoenix, Arizona
Age: 42-years-old
Children: 2-year-old girl
Occupation: Sharon is a former brand development and marketing executive. Now, she’s getting ready to head into the retail sector with the launch of a new line of bathing suits for infants and toddlers, called Swimmysnaps.  The collection is a functional and fashionable line of one piece bathing suits, which she developed when her daughter started swimming.

How does she look so damn good?
Aside from chasing around her toddler and husband, Sharon gets to the gym 5 days a week. She does 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes of weights. She says she’s able to carve out that chunk of time thanks to a family-friendly gym with a great kid’s club. Outside of her workouts, she’s an equestrian and enjoys playing tennis and hitting the slopes in the winter.

Sharon loves to try new restaurants, but watches her portions and is a die-hard juicer. She kicks off most mornings with an elixir she whips-up from scratch: Kale, celery (known for it’s calming effects), carrots, beets, ginger root (known for burning fat, aiding digestion, and nausea) apples or pineapple for sweetener.  She thanks her morning concoction for her lack of morning sickness when pregnant.

What’s she wearing?
Top: Lilly pulitzer
Belt : Hermes
Pants: Tory Burch
Necklaces: Jewelya
Watch: Rolex

Her Style:
” I like conservative, preppy, and bohemian clothes. My favorite designers and clothing lines include: Hermes, Tory Burch, Calypso, and Lilly Pulitzer
.” - Sharon Pollack

Do you have a friend, family member, or colleague who has her own unique style or can make a potato sack look like its from Saks? Send me an email via my contact form. I’d love to hear from you!

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