StyleMama: Shana Yansen – Organic Girl

This week’s StyleMama made me realize that “organic” doesn’t just relate to the food we eat… Shana Yansen’s commitment to the environment and women’s issues inspired her to launch her own business three years ago. What came out of that was Jute & Jackfruit, a women’s clothing boutique that uses sustainable fabrics, supports American workers, and works with women’s coops worldwide.

Shana Yansen wearing clothes from her boutique Jute & Jackfruit - Photo by Shoji Takahashi

Home: Arlington, MA
Age: 38
Children: 11-month old son

Occupation: Shana is the of Founder and Owner, Jute and Jackfruit, a women’s online boutique for ethically made, limited edition, organic clothing. Shana started Jute and Jackfruit three years ago with the aim to start a business that was both environmentally friendly and supported women’s initiatives. Most of Jute and Jackfruit’s clothing are made in the USA by independent women designers. The collections are primarily designed, cut and sewn in the USA using premium quality organic cotton, Tencel and other earth-friendly fabrics. Jute and Jackfruit’s handbags and jewelry are made by women’s artisan cooperatives around the world, providing a source of employment.

How does she look so darn good?
Shana says following the birth of her son, her trips to the gym are few and far between. However, she tries to walk everywhere for her errands and appointments and averages 3-5 miles per day.  She adds that she gets her strength training in by lifting her son, which provides a good arm and back workout.

Prior to starting Jute and Jackfruit,  Shana worked in public health with a masters degree in health science, so she is passionate about healthy eating and living.  She cooks using organic vegetables and is now on a fish-eating kick.

What’s she wearing?
Jacket: The Coop Jacket by Prairie Underground*
Pants: Leggings by Feral Childe*
Top: Long Sleeve Lengthened Organic Cotton Tee by Stewart and Brown*
Shoes: Jambu (SO comfortable!)
Accessories: Necklace from my colleague in Indonesia
* These items can be found at Jute & Jackfruit

Her Style:
“My style has shifted since having a baby; I used to wear more structured tops and pants as well as interesting dresses. Now, comfort is a priority.  Lately, I do not wear accessories such as earrings and necklaces because my son will grab at them. I make up for the lack of accessories by layering and incorporating tops and leggings with interesting cuts. Since many of my customers are also moms and lead very active lives, I apply these principles to Jute and Jackfruit.

In addition to wearing the clothes from my boutique, lately I’ve been shopping at Patagonia (one of my favorite all-time companies) as well Ibex for athletic pieces. I get style inspiration from the Sartorialist, Vogue, Anthropologie, and several eco-fashion blogs.” – Shana Yansen

Shoji Takahashi is a photographer for Jute and Jackfruit. He finds inspiration and support from the many contributors to the Strobist and FStoppers community. A scientist by training, Shoji enjoys experimenting with lights and light modifiers. He finds personal meaning in capturing images of his son and family. You may see him cruising on his Breezer along the Minuteman bikeway in Massachusetts.

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