StyleMama: Rachel Mantel – An Outdoor Girl

You would never know that this gorgeous StyleMama spends much of her time in the backwoods of British Columbia. Rachel Mantel is very much a true Canadian, taking advantage of the great outdoors with her family.

Rachel Mantel outside of Jean-Georges Vongerichten's restaurant in Vancouver - Photo by Samantha J Walker

Home: Vancouver, Canada
Age: 40
Children: 2 girls ( 5 & 7)
Occupation: Stay-at-home Mom
She says her days are full but she doesn’t let herself get stressed out. Rachel enjoys the simple things about being a family unit: hanging out with her kids, watching Nurse Jackie with her husband, and cooking for her crew.

How does she look so darn good?
Rachel and her family embrace all that Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia have to offer.  They cross country ski, mountain bike, back country run, and hike. Every summer they move up to Whistler and rarely use their car. Rachel says that she rides around town with her trusty Chariot Carrier, ready to load up a tired child or groceries.  Her and her husband work-out twice a week with a personal trainer and she tries to eat a lot of fruit and veggies, but she admits to indulging in junk food on occasion.

What’s she wearing?
Jacket: Moveable Feast Aritzia
Skirt: Max Mara
Shoes: Barbara Bui from Basquiat, Yaletown – Vancouver
Bag: Givenchy

Her Style:
“My style is definitely casual. I love shopping and flipping through fashion magazines, but my attire is usually yoga pants and running shoes.  I shop at Aritizia, Gap, Old Navy, and Zara, but for something unique I go to Bacci (South Granville) and Basquiat (Yaletown).” – Rachel Mantel

Samantha J Walker

Samantha Walker is a commercial and documentary photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Her assignments and passion have taken her around the world to find beauty, hope and triumphant spirit even in the most unlikely circumstances. Her curious and empathetic observation of the human condition have shaped her images with powerful and purposeful conviction to present truth and elicit action. Samantha’s work is inspired by the simplest moments of humanity, the celebration of what matters when almost everything else is stripped away; these are the timeless images that take our breath away. For more information, visit www. or

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One Response to StyleMama: Rachel Mantel – An Outdoor Girl

  1. Paula Suita says:

    Between you, Thara, and this woman, if all Canadian women look this stylish, I’m going to suggest to my husband that we move. Looks like we in the lower 48 can learn a thing or two from your flair!

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