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The lesson I learned from this week’s StyleMama, Landon Slane, is to be present in everything you do. She runs Slane, a successful jewelry company, supports several children’s charities, and is a hands-on mom and wife. When you meet her, she is completely focused on you and your conversation (I, on the other hand, am always multi-tasking in my head). She says she tries very hard to be fully engaged in what she’s doing and who she’s with, especially her family.  She isn’t suggesting she’s some perfect “nirvana mommy,” but her experiences have taught her the importance of focus.  She’s faced challenges such as the serious illness of family and the management of a business through difficult economic times. The last few years have made her realize how important family and friends are and that our time with them is a gift not to be taken for granted. She says practicing gratitude is the best way to help refocus your life and your attitude!

Landon Slane in New York - Photo by Tanya Malott

Home: New York, NY
Age: 44
Children: 1 girl, age 2 plus two step children 15 & 17

Occupation: Landon is mother to a very active toddler and the CEO, Co-Founder and Designer for Slane, a luxe jewelry line featured in major fashion magazines and worn by supermodels and celebrities. She started the company in 1995 with her sister Heath. You can learn more about the collection here:

How does she look so darn good?
When I met Landon pre-motherhood, she frequented her local yoga studio and meditation was a big part of her life. Since a trip to the yoga studio took 3 hours out of her busy day, she now pulls out a mat for herself and her daughter and does yoga on her own each morning.  Her yoga sessions are not as focused with her daughter, Lola, hanging off her during downward dog, but she says that her little one does enjoy doing many of the poses and takes part in the breathing exercises. Her hour-long meditation sessions now take shape as a 20-minute walking meditation on her way to work. Landon says practicing yoga and mediation are still very important to her, but by adapting it she has more time for her family. She also maintains a healthy Mediterranean-style diet and cleanses regularly.

What is she wearing?
Jeans: White AG
Top: Indigo Vince tunic
Slane Jewelry: Blue topaz & sterling silver Grace ring, Pair of large hinged Column cuffs, Twin Link 40” necklace, single Twin Link and natural leather necklace
Bag: Henry Cuir Large Blue Jeans Tote (not shown)
Shoes: Rag & Bone Berkane Wedge (not shown)

Her Style:
“My area of expression has always been through jewelry. I like to keep my clothing simple with classic silhouettes and use my jewelry to enhance what I’m wearing. My favorite designers include Vince, Helmut Lang, Philip Lim, Rag & Bone, and Elizabeth & James .” – Landon Slane

Tanya Malott took her first trip around the world at age four and hasn’t stopped exploring since. She has lived in San Francisco, Boston,  New York, Milan, Moscow, San Juan (PR), Princeton, Sag Harbor (NY), and Atlanta.  She has been photographing people, places, and things every step of the way.  She loves to walk down little side streets, soak up the art and culture, meet the people, and most importantly, eat the food in every corner of the globe.  Her eyes are her best tool, but she usually carries a heavy bag of cameras and an iPhone just in case.  She has a pretty big resume and list of accomplishments, but you can find all that fun stuff on Google, her website or blog. For more information visit or

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