StyleMama: Elke Jaarsma-Blom – Find your Passion!

This week’s Style Mama shows us how important it is to have faith in ourselves.  Despite her interest in photography, Elke Jaarsma-Blom came up with excuse after excuse to indulge her self-doubt and put off taking a class.  Finally, last year, she ran out of excuses and signed herself up.  Just last week, she received an honorable mention in PX3, the Prix de la Photographie Paris, a prestigious award given to emerging international talent.  ”Looking back, I can’t believe how much time I wasted because I was afraid to try!  Now I realize how essential it is for me, and how happy it makes me to be able to develop my creative side and express myself through art.  I now can see there was nothing to fear.  I hope other mothers like me will trust themselves and take a chance on exploring their interests – you never know what you can accomplish until you do!”

Elke Jaarsma-Blom in Paris, France at Il de la Cite - Photo by Sophia Pagan

Home: Paris (Originally from Holland)

Age: 37

Children: 2 (girl, age 3 & boy, age 1)

Occupation: Elke is a mother and photographer. Prior to having children, she was a product manager in the pharmaceutical industry in Holland. She left her career after her family relocated to Paris 2 years ago. You can see Elke’s photography work at

How does she look so darn good?

Elke’s philosophy on life is to have a positive outlook, to take life as it comes,  and to deal with stress in a healthy way.  She says she doesn’t have time for regular workouts and loves junk food, but she does try to fit in the occasional swim or gym visit. She also follows, from time to time, the weight watchers diet to get herself back on track. However, she maintains the most important factor for her well-being is being happy, loving, caring and surrounding herself with like-minded people.

What’s she wearing?

Jacket: Zara

Top: Cora Kemperman

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Aerosoles

Bag: Mexx

Her style:

“I love to brighten up my mood and the streets with colours. Parisian people are very often dressed in black or grey and I find it so depressing. I never really buy designer clothes or accessories since I have kids. Basically my style is very practical: it must go in the washing machine and dryer, it must be comfortable, fashionable and feminine, and accentuate my good parts.” – Elke Jaarsma-Blom

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