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Ashley Maddox and I connected when we were both living in London, England. She was the girl-about-town who got around town on a scooter. Rain or shine, heels or skirts, Ashley would ride the roads of London without a thought to appropriate Vespa attire. What I love about Ashley’s style is that she always looks put together without any fussiness.  Whether she’s launching a company or hosting a major charitable event, she’s comfortable, elegant, and ready for anything.  Ashley is skillful at taking popular basics and adding a piece or two from a new designer. The combination gives her style its own unique panache.

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Ashley Maddox

Ashley Maddox - Paris, France - Photo by Sophia Pagan

Home: Paris, France (though a true blue Californian at heart)
Age: 38
Children: Two girls (1 and 2 years old)

Occupation: Mom/Entrepreneur
Ashley is a serial entrepreneur, who splits her time between launching new business ventures and supporting good causes. Her latest endeavor is Petit Pois, a decadent and delicious line of cakes with half the calories and fat. The cakes, which debut in chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and orange, and get their richness from vegetables.  Ashley and her partner, British chef extraordinaire Harry Eastwood, recently launched their cupcakes at London’s luxury chain, Selfridges.  And stay tuned for a U.S. launch in 2012!

What’s she wearing?
Jacket: Comptoir des Cotonniers
Shirt: Clemens-en-August
Necklace: from a groovy boutique in the Marais
Jeans: Acme
Belt: Dries von Noten
Stockings: Wolford
Shoes: Dries von Noten
Watch: Vintage Rolex from 1961 with a snake-skin face and a navy blue! second hand (a genius gift from her main squeeze)
Sunglasses: Classic Risky Business-style Wayfayers, with yellow tinted lenses to keep the sun shining in the winter months
Bike: Velib, the wonderful free bikes that are available to the people of Paris (the name combines ‘Velo’ (bicycle) and ‘liberté’ (freedom)

How does she look so damn good?
Ashley started off with a good foundation, winning the National Championships in rowing at Princeton and representing the United States at the World University Games.  These days, Ashley has traded in her Vespa for a bike. And yes, she does ride her groovy two wheels in heels – and with her pooch not far behind.  Aside from biking around Paris streets, she’s often racing after her high-energy little girls as they scramble around the playgrounds that dot the city. She says the gorgeous, preservative-free food of France also helps – as do her magical vegetable cakes!

“The classics, if with an eccentric twist.  Everything from old school California checkerboard Vans to droopy dresses from Nigerian-born, London-based designer Duro Olowu to ultra light down jackets from Uniqlo.  Go-to brand is Belgian designer Dries van Noten, whose shop on the Quai Voltaire overlooking the Seine is a dream.  His extra long pants and ever colorful mix of patterns, texture, and exotic influences always suit me to a Tee (I’m 5’11″).” – Ashley Maddox

New York-born photographer Sophia Pagan takes inspiration from her everyday life and transforms it into compelling visual art, capturing what she calls “the essence and purity of life.” Her ability to find beauty and meaning in the mundane is what stands out most in her photographs; the viewers, as quiet observers, are left with a stillness that leaves them wanting more. What’s revealed is always unexpected and unanticipated. Prior to becoming a fine art photographer, Sophia received her bachelors degree in Graphic Arts and moved on to work in magazine publishing for 5 years. Now based in Paris, France her unique ability to capture scenes of everyday life and transform them into riveting stories has earned her a strong fan base in the City of Light. For more information, visit or on Facebook.

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