RM StyleMama: The Value of Always Learning

Learning something new at any age can be challenging, but this week’s StyleMama taught me that it’s healthy to be forced out of your comfort zone. Three years ago Susan Uzzan put her marketing career in New York on hold and moved with her husband and children to Paris where she continues to be faced with new experiences almost every day.

While she enjoys the French culture and way of living, it has taken great effort to master the language. However, she sees her challenges as a valuable lesson for her children.  ”My children are bilingual and they see me struggling with the nuances of French. I hope that they understand that although learning something new can be humbling, it is an important opportunity to grow and enrich ourselves,” says Susan.  She wants her children to question what they are used to and continue to evolve throughout their lives.

Home: Paris, France
Age : 36
Children: one boy aged 5, one girl aged 3
Occupation: Susan is a communications consultant working with French clients in need of English marketing. Currently, she is creating a marketing campaign for a multi-lingual children’s art atelier in Paris, Atelier4Kids.

How does she look so darn good?
Susan’s dancer-like physique can be attributed to doing dance and yoga pre-kids. While she doesn’t have time to make it to classes these days, she gets plenty of activity with her children. Susan says, “I try to walk the children to and from school when possible, take stairs instead of elevators and do simple stretches during daily activities, even preparing breakfast.” She is also conscious about her eating habits and benefits from the delicious fruits and vegetables in Parisian markets.

What is she wearing ?
Jeans: Benetton
Top: Gap
Jacket:  Forever 21
Watch: Hermes
Boots: Free Lance

Her Style: “I suppose my style is classic and elegant with a twist of rock here and there to express my inner wild child. I feel best in a breezy summer dress with some sexy shoes.” – Susan Uzzan

New York-born photographer Sophia Pagan takes inspiration from her everyday life and transforms it into compelling visual art, capturing what she calls “the essence and purity of life.” Her ability to find beauty and meaning in the mundane is what stands out most in her photographs; the viewers, as quiet observers, are left with a stillness that leaves them wanting more. What’s revealed is always unexpected and unanticipated. Prior to becoming a fine art photographer, Sophia received her bachelors degree in Graphic Arts and moved on to work in magazine publishing for 5 years. Now based in Paris, France her unique ability to capture scenes of everyday life and transform them into riveting stories has earned her a strong fan base in the City of Light. For more information, visit www.SophiaPagan.com or on Facebook.

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  1. Learning at any age keeps you young .It opens up new vistas and opportunities

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