RM StyleMama: Clare-Louise Whiley -The Art of Gift Giving!

I’ve been the recipient of lovely trinkets and gifts from this week’s StyleMama Clare-Louise Whiley.  When we both lived in the British Virgin Islands (gorgeous but not exactly a shopping mecca) together I was always surprised when she’d treat me to a fabulous Sephora eyeshadow or an adorable Coach key chain. She never missed a beat. Anyone who knew her was likely to be a beneficiary of a thoughtful well-chosen gift.  How did she do it? Clare-Louise says, “If I find a make-up palette/kitchen gadget/accessory which I think is fabulous, I will buy multiples for my mom, girlfriends, colleagues and that eases the concern about what to buy for gifts when the appropriate time comes around. It does also mean that I have large present emporium which friends often call on in times of ‘gift-giving emergency’!”

Home: Tortola, British Virgin Islands.
We relocated here from London 8 years ago. My husband Simon is also a lawyer and is a partner in an offshore law firm.

Age: 36

Children: 2 boys. Ages 3 & 7.

Occupation: Litigation lawyer.

How does she look so good?
I run most days. I train for a marathon each year. This year I ran my personal best in the Berlin Marathon. It’s great to have a focus for training. I compete in the 2 mile, 5K and 10K races on the island.

I also dance twice a week and do power yoga when I can. The dance company I am with puts on shows to raise money for Hands on Volunteers, a charity for children in Haiti.

I am a vegetarian. I eat a balanced diet – nothing banned, just everything in moderation. I try and eat small meals five times a day. I do have a sweet tooth and eat chocolate every day!

My first drink of the day is hot water and lemon. I drink hot water during the day and sparkling water in the evenings. I gave up tea, coffee and cola when I was at law school. I thought the caffeine was effecting my sleep; I realised later that it was just the sheer terror of the exams!

I don’t drink wine, but love a glass of Champagne or a Gin & Tonic. My alcohol intake has dramatically decreased since having the boys. I prefer to have a clear head and like to fire on all cylinders from 5.30am.

I take my own snacks when travelling. Low fat crackers, Almonds, Raisinets and Pop Chips are my favourite travel treats – though often the boys will diminish my supplies!

What’s she wearing?
Dress – White House, Black Market.
Shoes – Christian Louboutin.
Sunglasses – Chanel.
Pink iPad case – Smythson.
Diary – Tiffany & Co.
Watch – Rolex.
Earrings – De Beers.
Necklace – De Beers.
Rings – Tiffany & Co.
Bracelets – Tiffany & Co and De Beers.

Dress – White House, Black Market.
Leather Jacket – Zara.
Shoes – Michael by Michael Kors
Belt – White House, Black Market
Clutch – Marc Jacobs
Watch – Rolex
Earrings – De Beers
Necklace – De Beers
Rings – Tiffany & Co.
Bracelets – Tiffany & Co and De Beers

Her Style:

“I wear black all the time. It is perfect for work and travels well plus everything matches! I have quite a smart, classic, dressy style – and I am always in heels. If I am running late, I’ll grab a cocktail dress to wear to the office. I don’t mind being overdressed.

I buy my clothes from Zara, White House, Black Market, Forever 21, H&M. I am very happy with the High Street. If I love a particular item, I will buy more than one. If it works – I’ll wear it often!

I love having a rummage for bargains at TJ Maxx or Century 21 in New York. Many happy hours have been spent in there….I also enjoy browsing in Harrods, Selfridges or Liberty when in London – there is so much fabulousness to check out there. It’s a brilliant way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon and to pick up some creative fashion ideas!’

We have a walk-in wardrobe at the office as we change into suits and robes to appear in Court. I have quite a few outfits hung up in there so if I decide later in the morning that my outfit choice does not fit my mood, I can change.

I always have a fitted leather jacket on the go. I wear mine all the time – even in the Caribbean sun!” – Clare-Louise Whiley

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