RM StyleMama: Sharleen Oborowsky – A Capitalist with a Conscience

This week’s StyleMama, Sharleen Oborowsky, runs a successful business and believes inspiring others and showing leadership is a great way to be thankful for her accomplishments. She also makes it a priority to bring her oldest daughter to every networking event she attends in hopes of raising a third generation entrepreneur. “I believe by allowing her to be a part of these events, Lola will become more connected to a larger purpose”. Sharleen also recently launched an initiativecalled, Laptops for Africa, which delivers laptops refurbished by Fully Managed to those less fortunate in Africa.

Home: Edmonton, Alberta
Age: 38
Children: Daughter age 10, son age 7, and daughter age 4
Sharleen is co-Founder of a fast-paced entrepreneurial company called Fully Managed, whose core purpose is “to create peace of mind” by managing small to medium sized businesses IT infrastructure. As President, she is responsible for the overall performance of the company.
How does she look so darn good?
Sharleen practices all aspects of yoga every-day for the benefit of keeping her peace of mind, which also has the added benefit of keeping her in shape. She keeps her practice active by having a Zen room in her office space and her home, along with joining yoga communities and bringing her older daughter to classes. Her proudest moments are doing inversions with her daughters, her “little gurus.” Her son also keeps her on her toes as they both like to bike, hike, and skate together.

Her diet is based on clean eating of good organic protein and vegetables.  Since she travels regularly for work and is always eating out, she packs a healthy lunch everyday as eating out can quickly derail her overall wellness.
What is she wearing?
Jeans: J-Brand
Top: Helmut Lang
Jewelry: Melissa Joy Manning Gold Hoops, Queen Bee Silver Bracelet, Mizuki Evil Eye Necklace, Ruth Tomlison Raw Diamond Ring
Laptop Bag: WANT Les Essentials De La Vie (not shown)
Shoes: Camper Low Wedge Boot

Her Style
“I enjoy shopping at independently owned upmarket boutiques. My favortite designers are Vince, Alexander Wang, Equipment, Joie, with the majority of my closet being Boss Orange. I always like wearing jeans and dresses, especially when the weather is nice. I have minimalist tastes when it comes to jewelry and wear raw, uncut diamonds, simple eclectic pieces from Artworks, Edmonton. ” – Sharleen Oborowsky

Samantha J Walker

Samantha Walker is a commercial and documentary photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Her assignments and passion have taken her around the world to find beauty, hope and triumphant spirit even in the most unlikely circumstances. Her curious and empathetic observation of the human condition have shaped her images with powerful and purposeful conviction to present truth and elicit action. Samantha’s work is inspired by the simplest moments of humanity, the celebration of what matters when almost everything else is stripped away; these are the timeless images that take our breath away. For more information, visit www. samanthajwalker.com or blog.samanthajwalker.com.

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