RM StyleMama: Samantha Knight – There’s Never a Good Time!

Have you been thinking about launching your own business or learning a new language? Are you postponing it until the kids are in school or your oldest starts high school? Well, this week’s StyleMama, Samantha Knight, says there is never a good a time to launch a business or start something new. ¬†She says your best bet is to visualize, plan and jump in.

“I launched a new retail store when my 4th child was 6 months old. It wasn’t easy and it took some planning, but it all worked out in the end. If I had waited, I would have missed the opportunity all together.” – Samantha Knight

Hometown: South Pasadena
Age: 39years-old
Children: 4 kids – 17, 14, 8, and 5
Occupation: Owner – Abuelitas – a Yarn & Needlepoint store
When Samantha’s oldest child started knitting, she realized that most knitting stores catered to an older crowd. She saw an opportunity for a niche to be filled and went for it. As an interior designer by trade, who already had two stores under her belt she felt it was a natural fit.
How does she look so darn good?
Aside from running a household and organizing the life of four kids, she plays tennis, horseback rides, and does a weekly dance workout. She also says that her family has a sit down meal 5 to 6 times a week, eats a lot of vegetables with no salt or butter and watches portions. Samantha says by eating together and preparing all the family meals she can keep everyone on track.
Romper: Rory Beca
Bracelets: Stormie
Necklace: Stormie
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Her Style:
I’m not a super trendy person but I’m not a super conservative person either. I pair classic styles with something funky. I love DVF, Parker dresses, Rory Beca, and Siri.” – Samantha Knight

Stefan Studer

Stefan Studer is an international photographer who hails from Switzerland and splits his time between New York and Los Angeles. Studer has captured supermodels and icons on camera from Gianfranco Ferre to Oliver Stone. His work has been featured in publications like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, GQ, W Magazine, German Vogue, Rolling Stone, NY Times, LA Times Magazine, House Beautiful, and House & Garden. Visit his work at StefanStuder.com& Studer+Baum Photography.

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