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This week’s StyleMama, Jill Johnson, appears to be one of those women who wakes up looking gorgeous and doesn’t have a care in the world. But this mom of four kids under the age of 10, has a schedule and a demanding career that would make most of us mentally unstable.  She is coming out with a book, manages a blog, contributes to several magazines, and somehow finds time to horseback ride and belly dance. Jill says she thrives when she is busy and does not spend her evenings kicking back in front of the TV. “I work during the day, with the occasional exercise break; shuttle kids around in the afternoon (with my laptop, just in case I find 10 free precious minutes); and after dinner and tucking the kids into bed, it’s back to work. I’m a night owl and love to write into the wee hours.”

Home: Westport, CT

Age: Just turned 39 again for the third or fourth time (hard to keep track)

Children: 9-year-old boy, 6-year-old twins (boy, girl), 3-year-old girl

Photograph by Mindy Veissid

Occupation: Mom/Freelance Writer

A former model, Jill founded Tear Sheet magazine, an insider’s guide to the modeling and fashion industry, at age 26. Six years later and newly married, she shifted her focus to relationships and helped launch Tango magazine (now yourtango.com). Once all-nighters involved nursing, not editing, Jill happily shifted to freelancing. She has written about everything from infertility (believe it or not, she suffered from it) to must-have shoes. Her recent interviews include Lara Spencer (Good Morning America), Michael Kors, Stuart Weitzman, and David Tutera (My Fair Wedding). She blogs about modeling and motherhood at modelingmentor.com/blog and is finishing up a book, From Vanity to Maternity: What Modeling Taught Me About Men, Money, and Motherhood.

How does she look so darn good?

Jill spent a decade trying to look good for a living and learned some tricks along the way, but mostly she eats healthy food (a lot of it) and exercises. Her latest passion is belly dancing (with a modern/hip-hop twist), an amazing core workout that has women old enough to have worn half shirts in the 80s proudly bearing their undulating midriffs. Her long-time loves: horse riding and downhill skiing. Add keeping up with four kids, and staying slim isn’t hard, but she misses the baby fat in her face that she used to complain about!

What’s she wearing?

Dress: Bobi

Jewelry: Genevieve Lau

Shoes: Michael by Michael Kors

Bag: Sondra Roberts

Sunglasses: Joe Fresh (She wrote the copy for the Ralph Pucci mannequin installation that is in the NY flagship store right now and picked up these glasses while attending the launch on Fashion’s Night Out)


“Casual comfort with an edge. If I have on a pair of heels, you can bet I have back-up ballet flats in my bag! As a writer, I generally only dress up if I’m going to an event. More often, I’m wearing a great pair of jeans with a vintage-inspired shirt from AllSaints—my favorite store for infusing a little rebel rocker chick into my mommy wardrobe. A friend convinced me to buy a leather mini-dress there. I argued that I couldn’t wear it at 40—I’d look like mutton dressed up as lamb. She said, ‘Well, you can’t wear it at 50, so you better wear it now!’ I’m sure at 50, we’ll redefine our limits again. There are some hot 50-year-olds in my ’hood!”

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