RM StyleMama: Jessica Hindson – Expose your Kids to Music

This week’s StyleMama, Jessica Hindson, says the more you expose you’re children to music the greater the appreciation they’ll have for anything musical.  Jessica is a strong advocate of music education. As a musician and an owner of a string shop, she sees the importanc of including music education into a child’s daily life. “It’s just as important as math and science.  Music helps with problem solving skills, discipline, and is a worthwhile lifetime skill to have.”

Jessica Hindson in Nantucket - Photo by Samantha Walker

Home: Winchester, MA
Age: 33 years-old
Children: 2-year-old boy & expecting in November 2012

Occupation: Jessica is the Co-owner of Bridges & Bows. She has a Masters Degree from the Boston Conservatory and has been playing the violin since she was 4-years-old.

How does she look so damn good?
Jessica is an avid runner and plays soccer in local leagues. She ran the Boston Marathon in 2006 and hopes to run another one shortly. She is also a closet gourmet cook and fantasizes about owning her own farm and cook as a career.

What’s she wearing?
Swim cover: Club Monaco
Cuff: Lucky Brand
Shoes: AE
Beach bag: LL Bean
Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren
Beach wrap: vintage tie-dye gift from Bali
Watch: Longines

Her Style:
“I have an obsessions with jeans. It’s the one thing I splurge on because I feel they are worth the value. I like wearing my denim with a funky top and boots. In the summer, I love sun dresses and flip flops.” – Jessica Hindson

Do you have a friend, family member, or colleague who has her own unique style or can make a potato sack look like its from Saks? Send me an email via my contact form. I’d love to hear from you!

Samantha J Walker

Samantha Walker is a commercial and documentary photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Her assignments and passion have taken her around the world to find beauty, hope and triumphant spirit even in the most unlikely circumstances. Her curious and empathetic observation of the human condition have shaped her images with powerful and purposeful conviction to present truth and elicit action. Samantha’s work is inspired by the simplest moments of humanity, the celebration of what matters when almost everything else is stripped away; these are the timeless images that take our breath away. For more information, visit www. samanthajwalker.com or blog.samanthajwalker.com.

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