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This week’s Style Mama, Hillary Danner, has taken her homemade jellies from her kitchen  to the shelves of Dean & Deluca in New York, the luxe gourmet store. Hillary says that every success was one that was hard fought, but she says she learned a lot from marketing to her friends, family and community in the early stages. “Not everyone can afford to go to expensive trade shows and industry events when they are starting out, but by targeting those in your inner-circle you can gain valuable market research, contacts, and support.”

Photo by Stefan Studer

Home: Highland Park, CA
Age: 42
Children: 1 Boy (10 years) & 1 Girl (5 years)

Occupation: Currently battling the entrepreneur world as Founder of Jenkins Jellies, while trying to maintain the gardens where it all started, the upkeep of a historical home and raising 2 healthy, happy kids.

How does she look so darn good?
Hillary says a consistent workout schedule is almost impossible when her life is focused on her kids and building her business.  In fact, she doesn’t make much time for herself, but says she maintains her shape and health with gardening, walking, racing after her kids, and eating a low-carb diet. (She does admit to loving bread!  Yes, a woman after my own heart. ) When she does have time for exercise, her preference is pilates.

What is she wearing?
Trapeze Dress: Three Dots Red
Cardigan: Three Dots Red
Necklace: Clara Beau
Earrings: A gift

Her Style:It’s a mixed bag – I like to be comfortable, but feminine. Things that flow with a twist of the unexpected. My clothing style is a like a cameleon – I change back and forth between styles. I wear a lot of “hats” in my life and so my clothes will change depending on the part I’m playing that day. I can be in overalls in the morning and a ball gown in the evening. I’ve always thought I was born in the wrong century re: clothing. My preference is probably the 20′s and 30′s.  ” – Hillary Danner

Stefan Studer

Stefan Studer is an international photographer who hails from Switzerland and splits his time between New York and Los Angeles. Studer has captured supermodels and icons on camera from Gianfranco Ferre to Oliver Stone. His work has been featured in publications like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, GQ, W Magazine, German Vogue, Rolling Stone, NY Times, LA Times Magazine, House Beautiful, and House & Garden. Visit his work at StefanStuder.comStuder+Baum Photography.

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