RM StyleMama: Eleni Bicos- The Value of Mini-Indulgences

This week’s StyleMama, Eleni Bicos, says make time to spoil yourself with mini-indulgences from manicures to blowouts, and organize your life with a calendar. She says 45 minute escapes can make all the difference in your day. ” I work hard to squeeze these moments in my week and I truly feel that everyone in my family is better for it,” says Eleni. She also says you can create these moments by being hyper-organized. “The time that I spend each evening getting everything set for the next day pays off in spades.  My days run smoother and the frequency of mommy-brain moments is minimized.”

Photo by Stefan Studer

Home: Pasadena, CA
Age: 33
Occupation: Stay at home mom of three girls: Twin girls age 4 and another girl, age 3. “In my former life, I worked in the field of psychotherapy with children and young adults with severe physical, emotional and developmental disabilities.”

How does she look so darn good?
No matter how tired or busy Eleni is with managing a household, she always makes time to take care of her skin.  She’s a fan of Skinceuticals Serum 20, an antioxidant and retinol cream by Dr. Brandt, that is gentle to use at night. She also takes the extra 7 minutes every morning to put on her make-up, so she feels polished and ready to face the day.

As for excercise…”While I’m not devoted to one type of exercise over another, I enjoy trying new classes, working with different types of trainers and a good old fashioned power walk with a friend.  The truth is, I can thank my genetics for not having to kill myself at the gym every day,” says Eleni.

What is she wearing
White dress: Rag & Bone
Black handbag: Lanvin
Gold earrings: Vintage Chanel
Enamel bracelets: Stella & Dot,
Diamond, emerald and gold ring: Bicos family heirloom
Brown heels: Pedro Garcia

Her Style:
“Day to day, you’ll find me in either my Lululemon get-up or skinny jeans (fav’s are J Brand and Mother) + a fun casual top of some sort. Being 5’9″, ballet flats are my go-to shoe.  I like Balenciaga and Lanvin and now that it’s spring, I’m getting lots of wear out of  my Gucci espadrilles.  In the evenings, I enjoy changing up my look by adding fun, trendy elements to simple staple pieces, investment-type pieces via a cool handbag (loving my Anya Hindmarch Confetti clutch) or funky jewelry (the Rose Bowl flea market is the best place to find one of a kind pieces!)” – Eleni Bicos

Stefan Studer

Stefan Studer is an international photographer who hails from Switzerland and splits his time between New York and Los Angeles. Studer has captured supermodels and icons on camera from Gianfranco Ferre to Oliver Stone. His work has been featured in publications like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, GQ, W Magazine, German Vogue, Rolling Stone, NY Times, LA Times Magazine, House Beautiful, and House & Garden. Visit his work at StefanStuder.comStuder+Baum Photography.

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