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This week’s StyleMama, Jill Sorensen, says  her life’s motto is “Don’t live like everybody-LiveLikeYou.”  Jill is in the business of making people happy by creating beautiful spaces for them.  She runs a successful interior design business servicing high profile clientele and provides an affordable online design service, where people can find design tips, furniture, and accessories. She says that when people decorate their homes they often play it safe, instead of taking risks and expressing themselves within their surroundings. “Your surroundings affect your well being, your outlook, possibly even your future, so live the way you love and don’t follow boring design rules.”

She suggested the following tips for anyone thinking about redesigning their space:

1) Clear out clutter because you can’t see the canvas you are working with.

2)Shop your own home and figure out what you can continue using and what can be re-painted or reupholstered.

3)Look at a lot of images of interiors and figure out what you are drawn to and what inspires you?

4) Don’t be afraid of mixing colors and patterns.

5) Express yourself! Live. Like. You.

Jill Sorensen Photographed by Tanya Malott in her home

Home: Mc Lean, Virginia
Age: 40-something…
Children: 10 year old son

Occupation: Mom/Interior designer/Entrepreneur/ sometime actress. Jill worked as an international fashion model with Ford Models in New York city. After ten years traveling the world for shoots, she worked as an actress and screen writer, while endlessly being asked to design homes for her friends. She recently launched her own interior design firm Marmalade Interiors, and the blog and website site LiveLikeYou, offering designed rooms suited to personality profiles.

How does she look so damn good?
Get lots of sleep! Jill says with the deadly 6am school mornings it’s hard to ever get enough! As for physical activity, Jill enjoys soccer, tennis, surfing, weight training, as well as walks with her dogs. She does admit to three food obsessions…Swedish crisp bread, sushi and popcorn. Thankfully, all are fairly forgiving on one’s figure.

Her years of modeling taught her that to look your best in photos you should suck in your stomach, laugh at yourself, and ensure you have a good photographer!

What’s she wearing?
Blouse: Alice & Olivia
Jeans: Adriana Goldshmied – Leggings skinny jeans
Shoes: Couch
Ring: 1840′s engagement ring

Her Style:
“I love mixing high and low. Dressy tops with jeans, designer with H&M, vintage purses and coats. Being Swedish I tend to dress a bit European.” - Jill Sorensen

Photographer Tanya Malott

Tanya Malott took her first trip around the world at age four and hasn’t stopped exploring since. She has lived in San Francisco, Boston,  New York, Milan, Moscow, San Juan (PR), Princeton, Sag Harbor (NY), and Atlanta.  She has been photographing people, places, and things every step of the way.  She loves to walk down little side streets, soak up the art and culture, meet the people, and most importantly, eat the food in every corner of the globe.  Her eyes are her best tool, but she usually carries a heavy bag of cameras and an iPhone just in case.  She has a pretty big resume and list of accomplishments, but you can find all that fun stuff on Google, her website or blog. For more information visit TanyaMalott.com or Facebook.com/TanyaPhoto.

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