Style Finds: Gifts for the Guys in your Life!

Are you tired of getting the men in your life a tie, shirt, or sweater? Here are a few of my favorite gifts for guys that have received good feedback from friends and family.

Doctor’s Bag from – $75

This is perfect for a weekend getaway or overnight business trip. It’s stylish but understated and very reasonably priced!

Paul Smith Socks from Barney’s – $30

Socks may sound like an uneventful gift but I think a good pair of socks add a lot of style. I love the fact that my husband will pair colorful socks with his every day jeans. They make a great stocking stuffer and are ideal for that high school or university student who has suddenly become more fashion conscious.

Men’s Skincare Kit from Kiehl’s – $50

I’ve noticed that many of my girlfriends in their 40s and 50s have great looking skin, while their husbands are looking their age. Give hubby’s skin a boost this holiday with this popular skin care line. It’s better than letting him steal your moisturizer!

Praetorian Hoodie from Triple Aught – $175

Forget the typical Merino wool sweater this holiday and give your hubby or brother a sportier look with this Praetorian hoodie from west coast outerwear design company Triple Aught. The hoodies provides comfort, warmth, and a lot more style than your average fleece!

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