RM Style Finds – On the Go Shoes

The other night while organizing my closet I stumbled upon two pairs of beautiful boots (Bottega Veneta and Chloe) I bought right before I got pregnant and havent worn yet. Why? When I’m chasing or carrying my toddler around comfort comes first. Take a look at my favorite practical yet fun picks for moms.

T Burch Nude Ballet Flats- $124.60

These are a no brainer and I love that the TB logo is hidden on the heel and not on the front of the shoe.

Black Suede Boots- $99.90

These are perfect for chasing after small children, while still looking sexy.

Sorrel Boots- $270.00

Now that winter has arrived, these super cozy boots will last a lifetime.

Gabriela von Pfetten gave up her West Village apartment in New York for the beauty and tranquility of Vancouver. She loves combing through vintage stores, and supporting new designers. She is bold with color and never shies away from new trends. She believes one can put a great wardrobe together whether you shop at Target or Chloe. She says it’s less about the clothing and more about the woman and the confidence she carries.

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