RM Style Finds – Dressing your Little Man or Perfect Princess

Nothing is more fun than dressing your toddler. Okay, maybe dressing little girls is a bit more rewarding because the options are endless, but there are many adorable accessories out there for your little man or perfect princess.

For your little man…

Zara Toddler Racoon sweater- $29.90

H&M are designing some great and really affordable kids stuff these days. This racoon sweater is perfect for those cold winter days

Orfeo Stylish Hoodie- $ 73.73

…or you can go more Euro style and splurge on this hoodie

H&M Henley T- $12.95

At $12.95/ each I grabbed a bunch of these for my little guy because, as we know, there will be tons of wear and tear.

Orfeo Design Perfect Black Bootie- $ 75.00

When it comes to kids shoes, I am a firm believer in investing in one pair of
‘top quality’ boots for the winter. These should do the trick.

Orfeo Design scarf- $29.24

On a recent trip to Toronto, I purchased this scarf and hat. Obviously, I don’t pair them together – less is more!

Sweet William Ltd Bobo Hat- $40.00

For your little lady

Sweet William Ltd  Poncho- $72.00

Every lady needs a stop and gawk coat. This poncho is perfect and
easy access is a plus.

H & M Vest- $ 24.95

What toddler girl wardrobe is complete without a fur vest. And thanks to H&M for not breaking the bank once again.

H&M loves- $12.95

Adorable gloves to keep those little fingers warm and toastie…

Zara Dress- $45.90

Th perfect dress to pair with some tights and even a long sleeved T.

Gabriela von Pfetten gave up her West Village apartment in New York for the beauty and tranquility of Vancouver. She loves combing through vintage stores, and supporting new designers. She is bold with color and never shies away from new trends. She believes one can put a great wardrobe together whether you shop at Target or Chloe. She says it’s less about the clothing and more about the woman and the confidence she carries.

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