RM Style Finds & Deals – My Favorite Sephora Buys

I can’t walk by Sephora without being drawn in by some sort of gravitational pull. With rows of nicely presented lipsticks, brushes, shampoos, and fragrances, this is my type of candy store. Check out a few of my life-long faves…

Givenchy Fly Lash Mascara – $28

Givenchy (pronounced zhi-vän’shē – Yes, it took me years to pronounce it correctly.) mascara makes my short stubby lashes long and thick without the fuzzy tarantula look.

Bliss Wax – $48

I went over for coffee to my friends place and left with my upper-lip waxed. Thank you Deb Kavaler for turning me onto this great quality wax, which sticks to your hair without pulling on your skin.

Roller-ball Fragrances -$24

I don’t wear perfume as much as I did in my 20s and 30s but I love this very portable roller-ball version from Sephora.  It comes in my favorite Issey Miyake scent, as well as a dozen other fragrances. They’re perfect for your toiletry bag or purse.

Sephora Primer -$15

I don’t wear primer on my face everyday, but for a night out it will set your makeup perfectly and give you that flawless dewy finish, making you Oscar ready. 

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One Response to RM Style Finds & Deals – My Favorite Sephora Buys

  1. Paula Suita says:

    Thanks for the tips! I especially like the roller ball perfume idea. Time to make a trip over to Sephora!

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