RM Dinner Club: Turn Old Bread into Gold!

Do you feel guilty about throwing out old bread? Bread past its prime is now my new kitchen staple. Old bread in your meatballs makes them much fuller and richer tasting. As for sweet delights, I can’t wait for my sour dough to lose its moistness because it makes the best darn French toast you’ve ever tasted!

 fresh baked bread

Photo by Surly Girl

Thank you to all the readers on Facebook.com, who sent in their suggestions!

Bread Pudding by The Pioneer Woman

Photo by Ree Drummond from ThePioneerWoman.com

I couldn’t find my old stand-by bread pudding recipe, but this comes close to what I remember. I used 1 cup of sugar in mine and my sauce was made with rum. I also like brandy or cointreau…. Add grated lemon or orange rind for a little kick. P.S. : Ree Drummond, the editor of The Pioneer Woman, is the bomb! I have yet to be disappointed by one of her recipes.

Bread Crumbs from Culinate.com

I haven’t made bread crumbs before, but this looked reliable. If you have another method, please share!

Meatballs from AllRecipe.com

I hadn’t thought about using bread chunks in my meatballs, but E. Crabtree from my Facebook page inspired me to search for a recipe.

“I soak stale bread in milk to soften it, squeeze the milk out, mix the bread with pork and lamb and seasonings to make pillowy soft meatballs.” E. Crabtree from Facebook.com/TheRebelmom

French Toast Recipe from Alton Brown – Food Network

Okay, this is much more involved than my french toast recipe, which consists of 1/2 cup of milk, one egg, and a splash of vanilla. I never add sugar as the maple syrup you eat it with is sweet enough.

Old Fashion Stuffing from AllRecipe.com

Women is my generation tend to buy stuffing, but this recipe looked pretty straight forward. I haven’t tried it yet, but will keep you posted.

Classic Andalusian Gazpacho by The Splendid Table

A Spanish friend showed me how to make Andalusian Gazpacho. I couldn’t remember the ingredient that gave it a bit of zing, but I now I see it’s the sherry vinegar. This looks beautiful and tastes great. Serve it with some rustic bread, broiled with a bit of garlic butter and grated parmesan.

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