RM Dinner Club – Real Italian Pesto & the Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Friday nights are comfort food nights at our house… gooey pizza, melt in your mouth grilled cheese sandwiches, and warm fragrant pasta are just a few of our hit-the-weekend favorites.  Below you’ll find a dozen variations on grilled cheese, as well as the traditional way for making Italian pesto. I’ve also added a healthy and delicious Asian rice paper wrap app, along with a quick chicken satay recipe that will be a hit at your next dinner party!

All the recipes below have been tried and tested by myself or a RebelMom reader. They don’t require expensive ingredients or take more than 30 minutes.

Check back next Friday for more meal ideas from RebelMom and the amazing mommies and readers who support this site.

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The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches from Delish.com – RebelMom Pick!

Mmm...grilled cheese with dried tomatoes

Nothing is more comforting than a good grilled cheese sandwich using fresh bread, butter, and great cheddar or fontina cheese.  But if you are looking to take your toastie up a notch, then check out the link above for some great ideas using tapenade, shredded carrots, asiago, honey, and more…

How to Make Pesto like an Italian Grandmother from 101 Cookbooks - RebelMom Pick!

How to Make Pesto like an Italian Grandmother

Photo from 101Cookbooks.com

I use pesto on so many things other than pasta.  I love it on sandwiches, pizza, fish, chicken, and potatoes.  It also tastes great drizzled on top of goat cheese and baked at 450 degrees for 10 -15 minutes.

I’ve made pesto in my food processor using the same ingredients, but I have to say this hand-chopped method and the description of each of the individual flavors (pine nuts, olive oil, basil, and parmesan) popping out at you does sound appealing!

No Fry Shrimp Spring Rolls from Rachel Ray – RebelMom Pick!

Photo by Rumulo Yanes for Rachel Ray

Okay, this isn’t going to satisfy a big appetite but this is a great side to satay chicken, grilled fish, or bbq meat.

My mom-in-law found a quick and easy way to whip up Asian wraps without all the chopping… She takes cole slaw mix (dry mix without the mayo) and mixes it with asian dressing.  If you want to get fancy, throw in some chopped peanuts, spring onions, and steamed shrimp – yummy and healthy!

Chicken Satay from AllRecipe.com – RebelMom Pick!

Chicken Satay

Photo by Caroline C for AllRecipe.com

This recipe is so quick and easy you’ll be making it once a week. I’ve also used this recipe on shrimp but don’t let it sit too long in the marinade,  because the shrimp will turn to rubber.

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