RM Dinner Club – Mastering the Turkey

The idea of roasting a 15 lbs bird for Thanksgiving intimidates me. I’d rather change the oil in my car than produce a cooked turkey.  (Thankfully, I’ve been given a reprieve this holiday as my sister-in-law is preparing Thanksgiving Dinner.) Whether you are a novice, an expert, or just looking for a new way to serve your turkey this holiday, check out these tips from reliable chefs and foodie sites.  Stay tuned for “anything but ordinary sides” for your Thanksgiving dinner.

* These recipes come highly recommended but have not been tried or tested by myself!

Ina Garten’s Perfect Roast Turkey Recipe

My Favorite Traditional Recipe!

Ina never fails to disappoint and you can see from her 5 star recipe that everyone who has tried it loves it. What is also a plus about this recipe is that it’s super easy to execute. This recipe gets top marks from me.

Mark Bitman’s 45 minute Turkey

The Quickest Turkey Roast!

This turkey preparation from NY Times Foodie, Mark Bittman, is an easy no fuss recipe for those who want to create Thanksgiving meal in an hour.  The most challenging part is actually cutting the turkey’s back bone, but with the right tools it should be a piece of pie.

Jamie Oliver’s Best Roast Turkey for Christmas or Anytime

Turkey Preparation for the Experts!

I’ve been told that the biggest problem when cooking a turkey is that the breast cooks faster than the legs. Using Jamie’s method, you actually place the stuffing between the skin and the breast allowing it to cook more slowly. I wouldn’t recommend this recipe for first-timers, but for the more experienced master cooks.

Photo by David Loftus

Neely’s Deep Fried Turkey

Easy Step-by-Step Frying Method!

Turkey fans have told me that the best method for cooking a turkey is to deep-fry it! The process creates a moist turkey with a crispy delicious skin. While this sounds great, the idea of of deep frying a turkey sounds messy and dangerous. Well, the Neely’s, the husband and wife cooking duo, simplifies the process and shares great tips on how to fry your turkey without starting a house fire.

Neely's Deep Fried Turkey

Unstuffed Brined Turkey

Simple Brine Recipe!

The San Francisco Gate cooked more than 28 turkeys to find the best method and the brined turkey was the best by far, producing a “plump, juicy bird.”

Deep Fried Turkey Marinade

Too Good to be True!

This recipe involves a lot of Italian dressing. Yes, that sums it up. Check it out.

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  1. I found the easiest ,quickest turkey meal .I purchased a stuffed turkey breast from Maple leaf .Freezer to oven .Bake for 4 hours .No cleaning,no stuffing .I had plenty of time to make the vegetables,gravy and other side dishes .Eight of us had a beautiful filling lunch .No messy left overs to worry about.A couple of slices that was left over ,we nibbled while loading the dishwasher .Time for a nap .

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