RM Dinner Club – Foodie Faves from Inspirational Bloggers

Here are a few recipes created by three inspirational, creative, and hard-working women writers/bloggers that I had the pleasure of meeting last week at BlogHer ’11 (a blogging conference). I haven’t had an opportunity to try these recipes yet, but they look delish!

Chili for Chinese New Year from HapaMama.com
“I set out to create a dish that would spice up the standard Super Bowl chili with some Asian flavors. Chili, with its ground meat and spicy red sauce has always reminded of a couple homegrown Chinese dishes: ma pa tofu (with its ground pork, cubes of bean curd, and hot bean sauce) and lo ba bung. What is lo ba bung? …Minced or ground pork is simmered with soy sauce, rice wine, and five-spice, making a simple, hearty meal. Sort of like chili.” – Grace Hwang Lynch, Founder of HapaMama.com,  Silicon Valley, CA (Mother of two)

Photo Courtesy of Grace Hwang Lynch from HapaMama.com

Chicken Adobo One Pot Wonder from ChineseGrandma.com
“This recipe has been a standby in my household since I got it years ago from my friend Lisa, whose clever family got it from a clever Filipina friend. I contributed this recipe to a family cookbook my aunt-in-law put together years ago, and it’s been adopted into their clan sort of the way curry has become part of British national cuisine. Nowhere but in our family will you find so many Irish-American people cooking up Filipino chicken.”- Lilian of Chinesegrandma, Silicon Valley, CA (Mother of 4)

Photo Courtesy of Lilian from ChineseGrandma.com

Spicy Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings from TechFoodLife.com

Photo Courtesy of Eva Smith from TechFoodLife.com

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2 Responses to RM Dinner Club – Foodie Faves from Inspirational Bloggers

  1. BArbara says:

    All look great

  2. HapaMama says:

    Thanks for featuring my recipe, Thara!

    The adobo and chicken wings look delicious, too. My old Filipino roommate used to make delicious adobo, but I never got the recipe from her.

    Also, I love this style of chicken wings, with the extra spices on top. I just realized I lunched with Eva at BlogHer ’11.

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