RM Dinner Club – Chicken Rendang & The Ultimate Pizza Dough

Tired of plain old steak? Jazz it up with a simple and delicious blue cheese sauce you’ll want to drizzle on everything. This week you’ll also find a darn good recipe for pizza dough, mouth-watering chicken rendang, and a winning pasta dish bursting with lemon.

The recipes below have been tried and tested by myself or a RebelMom reader. They don’t require expensive ingredients or take more than 30 minutes.

Check back next Friday for more meal ideas from RebelMom and the amazing mommies and readers who support this site.

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Beef Au Bleu from Laura Calder – RebelMom Pick!

When my husband and I saw this recipe for blue cheese sauce, we knew it was a keeper. This sauce is so easy to make and can be used on pasta, fish, grilled chicken, and pork. It’s rich, so drizzle it rather than bath something in it.

Pizza Dough III from AllRecipe.com – RebelMom Pick!

I haven’t made this recipe in ages and I don’t know why as it is very simple to execute.  It rises within 30 minutes, so you can have this in the oven and on the table in an hour and a half tops! I love using the following combinations for toppings:

Fig jam & gorgonzola
Pesto, asiago, & shrimp
Marinara sauce, mozzarella, pecorino romano, thin strips of red onion, pineapple, & pepperoni

Pizza Dough

ESPL for AllRecipe.com

Toasty Mama on AllRecipe.com recommends the following changes to this recipe: 1.) Add about another 1/2 cup through kneading. 2.)I used olive oil to grease my pan and then sprinkled some cornmeal on top of that, then the dough for baking. 3.) I bake it at 400 degrees without bothering to prebake (without toppings) and I don’t have a problem with sogginess in the center. 4.) Also add 1/4 tsp each of garlic powder and basil to the dough, but that is a personal preference and doesn’t add or take away from the original recipe as it is good without it. I also like to pair this with the “Best Marinara Sauce Yet” from this site, which is very, very good. Will make again, but with my changes. * You can see the entire review underneath the recipe.

Curried Coconut Chicken Rendang from Food & Wine- RebelMom Pick!

The macadamia nuts really makes this recipe, but it still tastes delish without it. I serve this with short grain brown rice and sauteed greens, beans, or spinach.

Fettucine with Brown Butter & Asparagus from The Food Network – RebelMom Pick!

Okay, butter always tastes the best but I make this recipe using olive oil and I love it.  So, if you are calorie conscious, skip the beurre and add the same amount of olive oil. You won’t be disappointed. Saute some chicken in garlic and olive before hand and add to the pasta if you need a protein fix.

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