RebelMom Dinner Club – Featuring Gwyneth Paltrow

Who would have thought Gwyneth Paltrow worries about what to make her kids for dinner? Well, it’s obvious from the video below Ms. Paltrow takes great pride and care preparing quick, nutritious, and fun meals for her family. Check out her ‘Mexican Dinner, Family Style’…

Below are 5 recipes that myself or a RebelMom reader has tried, tested and loved. They don’t require expensive ingredients or take more than 30 minutes.

Check back next Friday for more meal ideas from RebelMom and the amazing mommies who support this site.

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Mexican Dinner, Family Style – Gwyneth Paltrow ( RebelMom Reader Pick!
“I make the ‘Mexican Dinner’ all the time and my kids love it. The guac is super easy and yummy.” – Submitted by Kari Ericksen from Edmonton, Canada (Mother of three boys)

Vegetarian Option from RebelMom:
Skip the shrimp and you’re set with a delicious bean taco. This was one of my favorite meals during my non-meat eating stint.

Chicken Parmesan – Simply Recipes RebelMom Pick!
My husband makes this recipe and it’s to die for. The chicken is nice and light and the surprisingly simple sauce is so delicious that you’ll want to lick the plate.

This recipe takes a little longer than 30 minutes. Each step is quite quick (sauce, pasta, and chicken) but it’s the combination of making all three that can stretch this into a 45 minute production. If you have time to make the sauce in advance that shaves off a good 15 minutes. Make the sauce the night before or whenever you have time and then freeze until needed.
Vegetarian Option:
I think just omitting the chicken is sufficient for this meal. I know sauce and pasta sounds uneventful, but I really enjoyed this sauce. Make sure to toss on some good quality parmesan and you’re set. Another option is to use eggplant instead of chicken.

Pacific Rim Caesar Salad – Epicurious RebelMom Pick!
I could eat this salad everyday. ┬áThe ginger, lemon, and chili sauce give it a nice kick without being too hot. My daughter can’t get enough of this dressing.
Depending on where you live, it may be difficult to find lemongrass. However, I’ve substituted a teaspoon or two of lemon juice when needed.
Vegetarian Option:
I’ve skipped the fish sauce when I’m serving this to vegetarians and it still tastes great.
Nut allergies:
Simply use olive oil. Again, the dressing still comes together without the sesame oil.
I usually serve this with grilled chicken, shrimp, steak or fish. It would also compliment a grilled veggie sandwich nicely.

Apricot & Lamb Tagine – Cooking Light RebelMom Reader Pick!
“I add green beans and potatoes. You can also substitute beef for the lamb. I use this recipe often because it’s received so well.” – Submitted by Barbara Abdinoor (my mom-in-law) from North Andover, Massachusetts (Mother of three and grandmother of two)

Seared Scallops with Ginger Sauce – Epicurious RebelMom Pick!
I love the combination of wine, ginger, and rice wine. This meal serves well over wild rice.
Double the ginger and garlic for this recipe. I’ve also doubled the entire sauce as I like to have extra to spoon over my rice.
Vegetarian Option:
Try substituting firm tofu or grilled paneer for the shrimp.

If you have suggestions on how to improve on any of these recipes, please post your comments below or send me your recipe recommendations via my contact form.

See you next Friday for more RebelMom Supper Club recommendations!

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  1. thanks for the recognition thara! Love all the new ideas!
    great work.

  2. Breeda Ryan says:

    Love the tacos, really looking forward to trying them
    Hope I can get all the ingredients here in Ireland, may have to call on my American friends for a ‘care package’ :-)

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