My Heroes: Maria Colvin & Remi Ochlik

Maria Colvin has smuggled herself into some of the most dangerous war zones to ensure the world was aware what was happening. Yesterday,  the American/British journalist and French photo journalist Remi Ochlik were killed in Homs, Syria. Some believe they were targeted for their coverage of Syria’s uprising. What is certain is that Colvin and Ochlik were probably the last two western journalists in the region. Their coverage has given greater insight to the bloody and cruel attacks by the Assad regime, which is specifically targeting unarmed civilians. It’s understood that there have been approximately 5400 confirmed deaths but the UN is unable to verify how high the death toll has increased.

Maria Colvin & Remi Ochlik

*Colvin wore her signature eye-patch after she was blinded during an ambush in Sri Lanka.

The idea of being a warzone reporter sounds romantic and exciting, but the truth is that the ones that are driven to report in dangerous places for bravado alone never last out. There are few that have the courage, determination, and moral ground to risk there lives like Colvin did for the last 30 years.

“Marie, except for the fact she was female, was very much a Greene character: wry, nicotine stained, almost ludicrously brave. ” A Tribute to Maria Colvin by John Cassidy for The NewYorker

Rest in peace Maria Colvin and Remi Ochlik

Maria Colvin’s legacy and motto was “Be passionate and involved in what you believe in and do it as thoroughly and honestly and fearlessly as you can.” - Rosemarie Colvin (Maria’s mother)

Maria Colvin’s Last Article for the Sunday Times

Warning: The video is graphic and disturbing but provides an honest and very real picture of the bloodshed in Syria.

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