My Hero – Amy Stokes – Global Mentors

Could you imagine changing the life of a child half way around the globe by contributing a half an hour a week? Amy Stokes has made it possible for volunteer mentors to connect with child mentees in South African communities that have been ravaged by HIV and AIDS.

After adopting her son in South Africa, Amy was shocked to see hundreds of children who had lost their parents to HIV and Aids. With so many orphaned children and so few adults to raise them, Amy recruited a few like-minded people and launched Infinte Family an online mentoring program.

400 + mentors in 6 countries connect with a children assigned to them every week for half an hour via the Internet.The program aims to teach children basic computer skills, goal setting, and support them in their educational endeavors. Aside from core educational modules, the mentors are trained on cultural issues and dealing with difficult topics such as HIV/AIDS and death.

Infinite Family is already seeing the fruits of its labor as mentees have gone onto internship programs and higher learning. Also you can see from the videos below the bonds between these children and their mentors run quite deep. Amy Stokes has turned the power of the Internet into a tool for change and hope.  It would be good to see this platform duplicated to help make a difference in other parts of the globe.

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  1. Sandhya Pillai says:

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring story. I’m going to share this with friends. Perhaps this will generate more mentors for this program.

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