My Hero: A Family of Remarkable People

One woman, Moira Kelly, changed the lives of four children whose future looked very bleak and now those children are sharing all that good energy. This is a family of heroes.

Moira Kelly is a humanitarian aid worker who’s received countless awards for her work in India, Iraq, New York, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Her adopted sons, Emmanuel & Ahmed, are also well accomplished. Ahmed is a quadruple amputee and competitive swimmer who has set his sites on competing at the 2012 Paralympics in London. His brother, Emmanuel Kelly, was a contestant on X Factor in Australia and shared the inspiring story of his family. (See video at the bottom of the page.)

Moira Kelly is also the adoptive mother of two girls, Trishna & Krishna, from Bangladesh who were conjoined at the head. Kelly’s life’s work has been focused on helping disadvantaged children.

Warning: Have a tissue handy when viewing the video below!

*Thanks to Clare Thomas for posting on Facebook.

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2 Responses to My Hero: A Family of Remarkable People

  1. Linda Marconi says:

    OUTSTANDING Visdeo & story! The BEST I have ever seen! Great find! So inspiring! Kind of makes all other problems/issues seem so small!

  2. So good thara! Brought tears to my eyes!

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