RM Music Feature – “Scars & Stories” by The Fray

Denver-based band The Fray is back with a new album that is sure to capture all fans, new and old!  With “Heartbeat” leading the way, this album is The Fray through-and-through, but surprises us when they rock a little harder on numbers like “Turn Me On”!

“Scars & Stories” – The Fray

“There’s plenty to like here: catchy, radio-friendly hooks, powerful, honest lyrics, and of course, the raw, vulnerable voice of frontman Isaac Slade.” – Jeff McQuilkin, The Examiner

“The beautifully crafted harmonies go hand-in-hand with the delicate but agile arrangements that The Fray have become so well known for.”SputnikMusic.com

Check out the music video for the first track, “Heartbeat”!

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Elysha Schickel

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