RM Music Feature – Carnivale Electricos by Galactic

Keep the Mardis Gras celebrations going with “Carnivale Electricos” by Galactic, a New Orleans funk band!  This new album spans musical genres by bringing together funk, jazz, hip-hop, tribal, samba and high school marching bands (!) to bring you the true sounds of Mardis Gras/Carnival celebrations from the U.S. and Brazil!  I highly recommend “Magalenha” and “Out in the Street”!

“Carnivale Electricos” by Galactic

“‘Carnivale Electricos’ is brimming with ideas; it’s also one raw, rowdy party album.” - Jon Caramanica & Jon Pareles, The NY Times

“A roaming street party and a Lonely Planet travel guide wrapped into one, “Carnivale Electricos” is tireless and exhausting, a riot of disparate genres and influences swathed in horns and ’90s hip-hop beats, then shot like confetti out of a cannon.”Allison Stewart, The Washington Post

Carnivale Electricos - Galactic

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  1. Talya says:

    Your music recommendations always make my day better at work through Pandora… thank you :-)

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