RebelMom Music Pick – Amos Lee & Florence + the Machine

Lungs by Florence + the Machine

RebelMom Pick!

I realize Florence Welsh is old news for most people, having won last year’s Brit Music Awards and a feature spot on Glee, but I wanted to make sure that everyone adds Dog Days are Over to their playlist!

“Just that voice, the one heard many months ago coming from absolutely nowhere, a mix of jazz and folk and blue-eyed soul like nothing in a long time. Or rather, like everything. Lungs is a vast jumble of influences, from Kate Bush and Tori Amos to UK electronica (on the Source/Candi Staton cover “You’ve Got the Love”), with Florence’s voice taking on most of the work.”

Dog Days Are Over - Single - Dog Days Are Over

Mission Bell by Amos Lee

RebelMom Pick!

Mission Bell by Amos Lee was one of the top downloads on iTunes recently and its easy to see why with soulful hits like Windows Rolled Down and the bluesy gospel piece Jesus.

“Lee hails from Philadelphia and, like nearly every other white guy with an acoustic guitar from that city, he attempts to marry the sweet and soulful with the poetic and pithy. His strength has long been optimism, which is magnified on the album…”

Mission Bell - Amos Lee

Send in your album and song recommendations as I’m always looking for new and interesting music. You can reach me via my contact form.

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3 Responses to RebelMom Music Pick – Amos Lee & Florence + the Machine

  1. Stephanie says:

    Love Florence… and check out Joan as Policewoman’s video for her new song Magic.
    Sending love and warmth from frosty Ottawa…
    xo Stephanie

  2. Thara Pillai says:

    Thanks Steph! Here’s the link to the you tube video that Stephanie refers to: I wish I had that kind of help around the house! Stay warm in the frosty north!

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