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What do Gwyneth, Demi, Madonna, Sarah, and Reese all have in common? They are all mommies with great skin and fans of my new favorite skin care line, Organic Pharmacy. My friends Gabi and Natasha introduced me to this line several months ago and my skin feels younger and more supple.

Organic Pharmacy is a luxury line of beauty products that are not only great for your skin, but are also environmentally friendly.  It’s products are made without harmful preservatives, petrochemicals, artificial colorants, or synthetic fragrances.

Carrot Butter Cleanser

This is probably the best skin cleanser I’ve used on my face. It removes every bit of makeup from my skin, including waterproof mascara and eyeliner, without drying it out or leaving a greasy film. Use the muslin cloth below and you’ll see the pollution, dirt, and makeup lift off your skin. In fact, when I first tried the cleanser I washed my face with my regular makeup remover and then used the Carrot Butter Cleanser and it seemed to get down to another layer of oil and makeup that my former product missed.

The cleanser is made with all natural ingredients, which softens, decongests, and soothes your skin.  I received my jar in February and I’m still using it in May. The directions suggest using a penny size amount on your skin, but it’s so rich you just need a pea size amount. It’s a worthwhile investment at $63 USD.

Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream

This cream does double duty for me every morning. First, it’s a light and non-greasy moisturizer that will keep your skin feeling clean and soft in warm or cold temperatures. (I’ve used it in Florida and Boston.) Secondly, it smells so fabulous that people will be asking you what perfume you are wearing. Since it has organic ingredients, I’ve used a little dab on my 2-year-old when her cheeks have chapped and people have commented on how great she smelled. Again, a little dab will do you and I’ve noticed a definite change in the size of my pores since using this product. At $72 its pricier than drug-store moisturizers, but more effective and healthier for your skin than most economy and luxury brands.

Muslin Cloth

Don’t let this slight cloth fool you… The Organic Pharmacy muslin organic cotton cloth is one of those make up tools you can’t live without.  It traps dirt, oil, and makeup with its fine weave.  The best part is that you can throw it into your wash after every use and it comes out ready to go again.  They are $7 USD each. Buy 3 – 5 and you’ll have enough to rotate.

Organic Pharmacy has retail locations in London, UK & Los Angeles, US, and is available for purchase online at www.theorganicpharmacy.com.

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