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From Erin Hazelton, RebelMom Contributor

I’m a hunter. Okay, I’m a mother and a fashion writer, but my favorite past-time is hunting for amazing vintage finds. If you put me in any city, from Paris to Pittsburg (I guess I’ve never been to Pittsburg, but it sounds good), I will scour every thrift store, vintage store and consignment shop until I leave with some kind of “gem.” I once found a pair of Gucci boot – brand new – from 1970 in a shop near Boston. The guy was like, “I’m going to have to ask $40 for these. They are Gucci.” I solemnly nodded my head, handed him two twenty dollar bills, walked out and broke into a celebratory dance as soon as I hit the sidewalk.

I live in New York City. Here I not only I battle astronomical price tags on decent vintage(there is no pride in finding a $3,000 vintage Chanel bag), I have to battle and army of other people with similar taste, so I rarely luck out. Then I discovered Etsy – an online mecca for vintage and handmade items. You say, “I need a vintage Celine skirt,” and, poof, there it is for a decent amount of money. A rug made out of felt balls? They have that too.

YUMMI Gumball Rug

I love this rug for a play area. It’s colorful, fun and the felt “gumballs” are pretty indestructible. It offers plenty of padding for little behinds and it will be difficult to spot stains… and you can just flip it over if it eventually starts looking a bit tired.

UrbanWall Vinyl Wall Sticker Decal Art – World Map

I am getting this for my son’s room. Cool. Minimal. Educational. I’m not that talented with a paintbrush and I like the idea of being able to perfectly place (and later peel off) wall decoration in a kid’s room. I also like that these decals are matte like paint… so it won’t look like I took the easy route! Oh, did I mention it’s only $40?

Bark Rim Bowl

This bowl is gorgeous. You can really appreciate the wood’s natural beauty in this piece. It’s also pretty wonderful that Colin – the man who made this bowl – is retired and just wood-working for kicks. He just might have a second career coming his way. Check out his other items too.

Vintage Bill Blass Fringe Shawl

This vintage Bill Blass wrap is fantastic. Timeless, yet has a little edge with the fringe. Off-white and black are such easy colors to wear; you could wear it jeans for a more city look or with neutral colored cords and riding boots for a more country look. Big scarves are so versatile; like the vendor mentions, you could even use this as a blanket at the end of your bed or sofa.

Vintage Boyfriend Plaid Cotton Shirt

I love that the blouse-and-trouser look is back in full-effect. Tuck this shirt into a pair of high-waisted jeans, roll up the sleeves, leave a few buttons open at the neck and wear it all with some platform or wedge ankle boots you have a very of-the-moment look.

Vintage 1970′s Mocha Leather High Waist Skirt

There is something relaxed and sophisticated about a skirt like this. It is completely unadorned, yet the fact that it is made of leather gives it a certain edge. I would wear it with a button down shirt, belt and either boots in the fall or platform wedges in the spring. The longer hemline is also very of-the-moment.

Erin Hazelton is a New York-based mom and fashion writer. She has reviewed hundreds of fashion shows, reported on the latest trends and profiled designers, stylists, models and even a jewel thief for publications such as Vogue.co.uk, Russian Vogue, The Boston Globe, Fashion Wire Daily and Time Out New York. She recently launched a blog called thepeopleilike.com. While fashion will always be central  to what she does, her heart belongs to her family… and to a novel she has been slowly writing for the past couple of years.

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