Ibiza: More Than a Clubber’s Haven

Ibiza conjures up images of beautiful people, world-renowned nightclubs, and an anything goes party culture. This Mediterranean island located off the coast of Spain was once on my “must-see” travel list. However, with the arrival of my daughter the dance-till-dawn party scene no longer appealed to my sleep deprived body, nor did it seem an appropriate place to travel with a toddler.

My friend David, who has been visiting the island for the last decade and has made it his second home, says Ibiza is more than just a clubber’s haven. For those willing to venture away from Ibiza’s alluring party scene, he says the island boasts an array of spectacular beaches, Phoenician ruins, scenic hiking trails, chic retail stores, and savory Mediterranean cuisine. See what David’s Ibiza has to offer:

“I visited the White Island as a young, single, music enthusiast when I was living in New York. My Spanish heritage helped forge a connection with Ibiza, but it was the island’s rich history, interesting people, great food, natural beauty, and positive energy/laissez faire culture that kept bringing me back. Ibiza became the place where my future wife and I would spend our holidays and eventually tie-the-knot. The island became our second home. With a 16 month old in tow now, Ibiza has evolved from a nightlife and beach retreat to a sanctuary which replenishes our souls away from our busy lives in London.” – David, United Kingdom

Culture,History, & Nature:

Phoenician Tombs/Catacombs: See evidence of the island’s 3,000-year-old history

Scenic drives: Driving is the best way to find the many hidden calas (coves / beaches)

Ibiza coastline

Hiking Trails: Walk along the coast and visit the old watch towers

Visit Atlantis: Stone quarries on the west coast

Local customs /Festivities: See the influences of many different cultures and traditions

Family Activities: A variety of activities for children of all ages

Portal de ses Taules


Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena: The only 5 star on island

Atzaro: Boutique

Es Cucons: Boutique / Spa

Las Brisas: Beautiful views of west coast

Ibiza Landscape

Torre Del Canonigo:  In the center of town/ dal villa

Can Lluc: Boutique

Pacha Hotel: Owned by club/trendy


BamBuddha Lounge

El Ayoun


El Olivo

Beachside Restaurant

Jockey Club (on beach)

El Chinringuito (on beach)

Hippy Market


Las Dalias (Saturday and Sunday Nights)

Old Market

Old Square

Ibiza Town

Dalt Villa

Maison Elephant


Many more ……

Main Beaches:

Salinas: Frequented by all night party crowd who were listening to the Chiringuito (beach bar) DJ from the night before

Platges de Comte’s sunse

Cala D’hort: Nice sandy beach on west side of the island with views of Es Vedra

Es Cavallet: Picturesque beach that caters to gay crowd and nude sunbathers


Pacha: Evening venue – dress up

Space: Late afternoon to early evening venue – casual attire/ bathing suit/ pareos

Bora Bora: Mid-day venue – bathing suit/pareos

Ibiza Night Life

Underground: Evening venue

Privilege: Late night venue

Amnesia: Late night venue

KM5: Lounge

El Ayoun: Lounge

Useful Links:

Official Ibiza Tourism Board Website

Ibiza Hotels


Travel Ibiza

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7 Responses to Ibiza: More Than a Clubber’s Haven

  1. indira says:

    Sure looks like a beautiful place for a holiday.Will add to my places to visit list

  2. Chris says:

    great article. Thanks for the travel info

  3. katherine says:

    Thara and David,
    Thanks for sharing this well-rounded piece about Ibiza. All these years I have discounted the place as a THE party mecca without a soul, but it looks like I was bamboozled..maybe the locals like it that way….but this looks like a MUST on the Euro Adventure 2011 for us!

  4. Linda Marconi says:

    Looks like a wonderful place to visit! Very informatice!

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  6. villa ibiza says:

    No doubt about that Ibiza is one of the finest holiday destination with its guaranteed sun, sandy beaches and lively night life.

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