Inside & Out: Finding Fabulous with the Kids

It is an unfortunate truth that having kids makes life a little less glam. Practicality becomes a driving force when choosing shoes, clothes, handbags and, all too often, vacation spots.

Will the accommodation accommodate us? (Could we make a hotel room work?) Will it be OK if our child has a tantrum and ends up eating on our lap? (Is there, perhaps, a surf that will drown out the sound?) Will we feel like we belong at the pool? (Can’t we relegate those without kids to a different place?) Is there any way around paying $8 to have a sleeper laundered? (Is there free laundry, perchance?)

We found a place where the answers are Yes (and Yes – thanks to an oversized balcony); Yes (and Yes – and if the surf didn’t work, a new at-table toy did); Yes (and Yes – those uninterested in joyful shrieks simply decamped to the adult pool). Yes (and Yes – thank goodness).¬†Suffice to say, the vacation was fabulous.

Four Seasons Nevis

The Four Seasons Nevis is a 40 minute boat-ride away from the more-major airport of St Kitts, which is another reason it’s fabulous: kids love boats and we loved the rum punch they served on the way over. The resort sits below a volcano called Nevis Peak (tick) on a mellow slice of Caribbean beach (tick) where the waves are gentle (tick) and the shells are plentiful (you get the point). The resort feels intimate because it stretches only a few hundred meters from the beach, and the two-story buildings, which contain the rooms, spread out along the shore from the Great House. So you’re never far away from breakfast (which turned into the longest meal of the day while our kids worked their way through the buffet), the beach (where the hotel-provided beach toys, magazines and lemongrass water were enjoyed by all), one of the two kid-friendly pools (which had excellent waterfalls over which to jump), the spa (where I watched hummingbirds before having the blissful Nevisian Massage), the playground (which was clean and new, and shady in the morning), or the tennis courts (where I re-discovered my love for the game and my four-year-old, Max, had his first official tennis lesson).

Max's first tennis lesson

There is also a kids’ club (for ages 3-9) and a teen hide-out, which is as cool as anything you might have liked back in the ’80s. (“Yes, except that I’ve totally outgrown it,” said the 16-year-old guest whose mother I was talking with. “I was the queen of the kids club two years ago, but now I’m too old.” Later, her mother said to me: “But I love the fact there are no casinos or nightclubs here. It makes it a great resort for teens.” Two nights later, I see her and her friend hanging out with two boys on the lobby terrace. It’s really sweet, and I get it.)

Conrad enjoying the beach

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