Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all my RebelMom readers!┬áToday is a day to celebrate women everywhere whether you are a mother or not. I believe every woman has motherly qualities allowing them to show love, compassion, and undying support to friends and loved ones.

To My Mom,
I hope I have the strength and courage to let my daughter make her own choices and mistakes like you have done for me.

My Two Moms

To My Mom-in-law:
Thank you for showing me that being a mom to someone has nothing to do with genetics.

To Joel and Nadia:
Thank you for the honor and privilege of being a mom!

My Main Squeeze & My Little Squeeze

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3 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Jessica says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Thara!!!! Thanks for all the great articiles. Keep them coming! What a beautiful picture of Nadia. She looks so grown up. Lots of love, Jessica & Jasmine xxx

  2. Linda Marconi says:

    How sweet! What nice things to say. Happy Mother’s Day Thara! Love, Linda

  3. Sarah Lancaster says:

    Thara…Happy Mother’s Day!! So miss all of you on Tortola. Sarah

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