A Coach for the Biggest Game of All

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut?  Or had a great idea, but weren’t sure how to accomplish it?  Have you ever wanted someone to talk to about your life’s ambitions?  Maybe you could use a life coach.

I had an unofficial session with Olivia Mackinder, a certified coach, about a book I’ve written but have yet to publish.  I’ve been struggling to get back to work trying to sell it since my pregnancy.  Through a series of probing questions about what I like and don’t like about the book, what I’m hoping to achieve ultimately and what is holding me back, Olivia helped me see that I’m so worried I might fail, I’m afraid to try.  Getting published is my dream and if I try and fail, I will lose that dream.  What will I do then?  Who will I be?  I’m paralyzed by that fear.  If I don’t try, I can still dream I’ll succeed, silly as that sounds.

Olivia Mackinder

Olivia explained that regardless of the goal you are facing life coaching can help a person define and achieve their aims. Sometimes it’s about helping a client break down a large project, like starting a new business, into manageable, achievable tasks. Or coaching can help to address a particular issue, like improving self-confidence or assertiveness at work.   Or, it can even be about just finding a little more “me-time.”

Olivia cautioned that, “Life coaches are not therapists.” “My job is to focus on the future; to ask the right questions to help people find their own answers.  My aim is to help my clients explore for themselves what gets in their way and how to solve their own problems so that they can become self-reliant.”

By helping me talk through my fear and rethink what matters to me in my book, Olivia helped motivate me to go back to work.  As she said, it’s a matter of small steps forward: opening the manuscript on my computer, rereading a few pages and rethinking my marketing strategy.  Since our talk, I’ve done just that.  And I’ve started resubmitting my manuscript already.  One session was all it took!

For more on life coaching:

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Note: *Though anyone can be a life coach, there are institutions that provide accreditation.  If you’re looking for a coach, be sure to research his or her credentials and ask for references.

Meghan & Conall

After exploring five careers in five cities in just over five years, Meghan Thompson has built up a wealth of knowledge about what she does not want to do with her life (including teaching, politics, banking, communications and PR). Meghan is finally doing what she does want to do (writing) where she wants to do it (in England) with the support of her husband, the amazing “rugby bloke” and their incredible son, “Sir Grinsalot,” who joined them in October 2009.

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  1. I clicked on the Rebelmom website looking for something else, and thought to myself, “Oh better stop here, I like the title of this particular article and want to read it first,” and lo and behold it was precisely what’s been going on with me – a rut, a way out, perseverance. Thank you for grabbing me. As always!

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