4 Tips for Living a Life of Gratitude

Every year around this time, we begin to think about all the things for which we should be grateful – it’s what the holiday season is all about. One of the secrets to living a dynamic and happy life is to live with gratitude on a daily basis, not just during the holidays.

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Here are some tips to help you live life with gratitude everyday:

1. Keep a journal. This is a very important tool to help you manage your thought process and your happiness. Write down the positive things that occur to you throughout your day and review it once a week. This will make you conscious of the fact that good things are happening to you, which will help you to bring more positive energy into your life.

2.  Write down the six things that you are thankful for every morning and count your blessings before bed. It is amazing how powerful this exercise is. First thing when you wake up, think about the things that bring you happiness, write them down in your journal.  Just before bed, give thanks for all the wonderful things in your life: your children, your job, your new outfit. Anything that has made you smile – this will bring back to your mind all your reasons to feel good about life.

3.  Take time to notice the beauty in the world around you. When you are walking down the street, look around… see if you can find the bird chirping in a tree or notice the colors in the sky or a cobweb sparkling with raindrops.  When you are grateful for the life and beauty around you, you feel more centered and connected to the world.

4.  Help someone else in need. Open a door for someone; smile at a stranger; volunteer… There are a million ways to make a difference in someone’s day that don’t require giving money.  And when you know that you have been kind, it makes you feel good about who you are and grateful for all you have.

JB Glossinger

J.B. Glossinger is a leader in the world of new ideas and fresh thought. He is the founder of personal evolution taking personal development to a whole new realm. He continues to study new ideas of personal evolution and founded MorningCoach.com the world’s first personal evolution system. From Argentina to Zimbabwe, loyal listeners in more than 95 countries tune in daily to hear his CoachCast, skyrocketing it to the top spot on iTunes Health. He has helped thousands of individuals realize their greatness and their expression of spirituality through over 1000 CoachCasts that he produces daily.

A true leader and visionary JB continues to bring fresh ideas to human potential and growth. He has been featured on NBC and many other media outlets. JB is a well-regarded keynote speaker and the author of Get Out Of Neutral. He has an MBA and a PhD in Metaphysics. For more information please visit www.morningcoach.com, where you’ll also find a gratitude journal to help you with your journey.

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