The Un-Diaper Bag!

It doesn’t matter whether you have an infant or a 13-year-old, moms just need to be able to carry more stuff.  It may be baby bottles or your tween’s DS or PSP but, your handbag – once your own domain, a place that was sacred – is now a part-time storage unit or cooler box.

Storksak Elizabeth $325.00 USD

As I hunted high and low for the un-diaper bag, my girlfriends in-the-know turned me on to a few great bags that you can load up with toys, juice boxes, wipes or, if you are lucky, just your wallet, cell, and ipod.

Maxx New York: My sister-in-law Lisa blessed me with the Monte Carlo bag for my birthday. It was never intended to be a diaper bag but it has served me well carrying diapers, baby toys, my precious laptop, beach gear, and enough food to feed a small militia. I have taken it on several trips and it has allowed me to enter the plane with just one carry-on! The Monte Carlo’s claim to fame is that it was recently featured on Gossip Girl.

Maxx New York - Monte Carlo $148.00 USD

Le Sportsac: I love this sporty chic line of bags. Designers and artists such as Stella McCartney, Jonathan Adler, Diane von Furstenberg, tokidoki and Gwen Stefani have all been design contributors to the brand.

My girlfriend Katherine first introduced them to me  in 2000 and I went through several of them during my time in the Big Apple. They were roomy enough to hold my files, make-up, and gym gear.

Then when I was pregnant, my friend Tash bestowed on me a Stella McCartney (Limited Edition) diaper bag from Le Sportsac – be still my beating heart!

EveryGirl Tote - Reverie print $78 USD

Storksak: These bags will make you want to have kids. You have likely seen them being carried by Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Jessica Alba. Storksak only produces diaper bags but the bags are so stylish that you’d never know it was intended for a wee one. The baby bottle holder is the perfect spot for your water bottle and the large compartments have ample room for your laptop. Every man and woman needs to buy one!

Storksak Jamie $210

Radley: Meghan, a Rebelmom contributor, who is based in the U.K. gave this line of bags the seal of approval. The bags are sleek and stylish with colors ranging from conservative to flirty.

Radley - Sweet Pea $225 USD

Please send in your recommendations for other Un-Diaper Bags and we will continue to update this post.

* was not compensated by any of the brands featured on this site.

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4 Responses to The Un-Diaper Bag!

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  2. Joel says:

    The Storksack is much cooler than the Dad backpack that I’ve been using. Any other cool bags for dads?

  3. Thara Pillai says:

    Yes, check out the Storksak site as there are some great messenger bags for Dads! The Jamie Storksak is a unisex bag. Thank you for your feedback to

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