Resin Art: It will stick with you!

Connie Blair doesn’t see the world in black and white; she sees a multitude of shapes and colors. Two years ago, the Austin-based artist started making collages with wood, paper, and resin.  Her bright, bold pieces range from whimsical to carefully crafted, but her secret sauce is the coating which helps make the colors pop and the piece come to life.

Courtesy of Connie Blair

“What makes them really cool is the resin coating – the super shiny resin is total magic.  I’m inspired by bright colours and graphic shapes.  Maybe I’ve been influenced by my time in the Caribbean.” – Connie Blair

What started out as a hobby turned into a serious business as more and more clients asked for customized pieces.

Courtesy of Connie Blair

You can send her a poem, a photo of your pooch, or your little one’s drawings…..anything that can be resined!  She can do any size, color, style or theme.  Clients can even coordinate a piece with the colors of a particular room. All she needs is a photo and an understanding of your expectations.

Courtesy of Connie Blair

Each piece takes about 20 hours.  The average piece is 20″ x 12″ and costs around $250 USD.

Drawings by 6 year-old Emma Simpson

For more information contact Connie Blair at

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6 Responses to Resin Art: It will stick with you!

  1. Katie says:

    I have a Connie Blair piece in my daughter’s bedroom. I love it and know that it will be in our family a long time! It’s so beautiful!

  2. Aunty Kay says:


    Looks great!



  3. BestFriendo says:

    Connie’s art is unique, explosively colorful and each piece is one-of-a-kind.
    I told our 4-yr old son that he’ll have his hanging on his dorm room wall it’s sooo cool!

  4. Tessa Hansen says:

    Hi Connie,
    I am Melanie Carmichaels mum, and i saw some of your early work at Tanyas house, which i have just visited for the first time. So it was a auprise to recive the info from melanie on your work as i have only returned from Austin today.

    i also paint, but in a different way, but would really like to know where i can get some details on resin (brand name will be best) Mike Seffer a cayman artist uses it a lot but tells me it is the same material as he coats surfboards with,,

    i would be realloy appreciate some info on this product so that I can get some to experiment with..

    looking forward to meeting you some time


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