Jazz Up Your H20

Do you feel tired?  Drained of energy?  The problem may not be the kids.  Even mild dehydration can leave you feeling like you’re climbing Mt. Everest instead of your stairs.  It can be hard to drink 8 glasses of tasteless water a day, but with a funky and environmentally-friendly Lifefactory glass water bottle you can add a little zing to your H2O!

Lifefactory.com - 22 oz - $21.99 USD

The wide-mouthed bottle makes it easy to spice things up – throw in some mint, a wedge of lemon, or flavored ice cubes.  Unlike stainless bottles, you won’t be left with a metallic taste and you can sterilize the bottle and the easy-to-grip silicone sleeve in boiling water or the dishwasher.

These drinking containers are also as green as they come.  The bottle is manufactured with only FDA-approved materials and all parts are BPA, PVC, and toxic-free.  And with a Lifefactory bottle you can grant yourself eco-goddess status for not contributing to the millions of tons of plastic waste created every year by bottled drinking water.

Lifefactory also makes baby bottles, so the entire family can be eco-friendly and eco-safe.

Purchase bottles on Lifefactory.com.

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  1. katherine says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Thara. The problem of water and toting it and making it a healthy drinking option may be solved!

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