Gaga for Lululemon

Lululemon is not your average athletic wear; it is a design phenomenon that can transform your workout experience. I know of what I speak: my fashionable friend Gabi (she looks like a rock star when she walks her dog in the morning) recently gave me a pair of Zoom Crop pants for my birthday.  They hug, hold, and shape my body to make it look like I have been to the gym more often than I have.  Aside from doing some serious body reshaping, the clothes come in a wide range of fabrics, which are specifically designed for different athletic pursuits. You don’t have to worry about your yoga pants slipping down during a downward dog or fabric friction during your morning run.

Lululemon has been a Canadian clothing institution for more than two decades. It now has over a 100 stores in Canada, U.S., and Australia and will ship to more than 30 countries around the globe.  These are some of the company’s most popular items:

The Groove Crop II waist hugging workout pants are great for the gym or pilates class. They won’t slip down and also feature a little pocket to hold money for your post workout latte.

Groove Crop II - $86 USD

The Run Swiftly Tech SS is chafe free, stink-free, and static -free. The fabric is silky soft and is supposed to wash well.

Run Swiftly Tech SS - $58 USD

The Run: Sun Blocker LS is perfect for those runners who are worried about damaging UV rays. The top is made of lightweight fabric and has mesh vents for breathability.

Run Sun Blocker - $68 USD

If seeing yourself in a pair of running shorts requires the same amount of motivation as getting yourself to the gym, then try outfitting yourself in Lululemon for some positive reinforcement!

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