The Skinny from Ms. Formerly Hot

Do you remember when Prada meant more to you than Perego? Stephanie Dolgoff, blogger and author of upcoming book Formerly Hot, managed to sum up my 6 glorious years in New York and my current 40-something state of mind very accurately in a recent online article.

Lemondrop has kindly allowed us to reprint a portion of this article.  It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Hey, girls!

No, hi, I’m over here — that woman who looks nice enough, if frazzled and distracted, but as if she wouldn’t have anything to contribute to whatever super-important boyfriend-related thing you’re talking about right now.

I’m the lady on the train, or behind you in line at the Starbucks, who is struggling with a gym bag, an oversize purse with unpaid bills popping out, and an Elmo plush toy, with unidentifiable white crud on her coat. I’m attractive enough, but I look as if I could use a good night’s sleep and an eyebrow wax.

That would be if you thought to look, of course, which you wouldn’t, because really, why would you? When I was your age (what an old person thing to say!) I wouldn’t have, either. No hard feelings. When I was you — a young and fabulous center-stage type — I swathed my (thinner, pre-partum) body in a DVF wrap dress, tossed a toothbrush and a clean pair of undies (never knew if I’d be at his place or mine) in my designer handbag, threw back some coffee and went off to work… Read the entire article on

Stay tune for more on Stephanie and her book on RM!

Stephanie Dolgoff has been writing and editing for magazines and newspapers since she graduated from college in 1989. Her first book, MY FORMERLY HOT LIFE: DISPATCHES FROM JUST THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUNG, based on her blog, is due out in August 2010.

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