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On a recent trip to frosty Canada, my skin dried out so much, I feared my prune-like state would be permanent. But thanks to several over-the-counter beauty products, my shrivelled and parched winter-look is fading, even if the snow’s still falling. Take a look at my favorites and please share yours as well!

Elizabeth Arden – 8 Hour Cream – $17.00 USD
Slather this on your chapped or wind-burned face, lips, and hands. The anti-inflammatory benefits of this miracle cream will renew your skin in less than a day. Elizabeth Arden used it on her prized, thoroughbred horses and celebrities like Rachel Bilson and Amanda Peet swear by it. My mom turned me onto this cream several years ago after my car air-bag deployed leaving carpet burn-like marks and bruises on my arms, chest, chin, and neck. After using it for one day , my skin was back to normal. It’s now a cold-weather staple.

Fresh – Brown Sugar Body Polish – $65.00 USD
A friend sent me a jar of this body scrub after I gave birth to my daughter and now I can’t live without it. It smells like lemons and brown sugar, so you emerge from the shower absolutely delicious. More importantly, it sloughs off dead skin and leaves your body silky soft.

Bio-Oil – $11.99 USD
I used Bio-Oil religiously during my pregnancy on my stomach and other stretch mark sensitive areas. Now I use it when I feel my skin needs a pick-me-up, though many of my friends use it on their face and body regularly. It doesn’t leave any oily residue and it can also be used to treat burns, scrapes, scars, and existing stretch marks.

Kiehl’s – Ultimate Strength Hand Salve – $20.00 USD
I tried this for the first time in Canada. My hands were cracked and flaking and nothing seem to cure them. After using a sample, I was hooked. It goes on thick, but absorbs quickly into the skin.

Sally Hansen 18 Hour Cracked Heel Cream- $4.00 USD
Sally Hansen’s cream includes tea tree oil, shea butter, salicylate, (a form of salicylic acid), grape seed oil, and Vitamins A,E, & C.  My mom has suffered from dry skin on her feet for years, but after using this product for a couple of weeks her feet looked baby soft. I use it on my hands as well.

Tell me what beauty products you use for dry skin?

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5 Responses to Dry Skin Solutions

  1. Sandhya Pillai says:

    I love the Ceramide line be Elizabeth Arden. I use the cream cleanser and the Time Complex Mositure Cream and my skin never feels dry, even in our -30 weather.

  2. Peg Thompson says:

    Great Help!

  3. Clare-Louise Whiley says:

    Definitely agree about 8 Hour Cream – I don’t leave home without it!
    For face and chapped lips in particular try Smith’s Original Rosebud Salve (@ US$6 available in different lip flavours also). I discovered this about 12 years ago and have bought it for virtually all the girls I know! A real “cure all” item for any make-up bag whether travelling or at home – can be used for blemishes, detergent burns, diaper rash or chapped skin.

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