Collectible Photography Books

Beautiful photography books are a lovely way to escape from your day-to-day routine. They also make great gifts, but finding the unusual and extraordinary is sometimes difficult at your local bookstore.  Photography agent, art director, and educator Katherine Leonard shares with us a few rare and captivating photobooks.

Sticks and Stones: Architectural America, By Lee Friedlander ($85 USD)

Courtesy of Distributed Art Publishers

“On the heels of our recent cross-country road trip, this collection of Americana captures my attention in the way that it is framed – vacant of the people who inhabit these spaces.”

On the Beach: Human v. Sea, By Richard Misrach (Collectible $375 USD)

Courtesy of Distributed Art Publishers

“The juxtaposition of the vast sea against the small scale of man is perfectly exposed by Misrach in this gorgeous collection of photographs.“ (Editor’s Note: This book is out of stock at DAP but can be found at specialty bookstores on Amazon.)

Theaters, By Hiroshi Sugimoto, (Collectible – $350 USD)

Courtesy of Distributed Art Publishers

“Shot from the projector rooms of cinemas there is a ghostly mood to the photographs in this collection. The STILLNESS of Sugimoto’s eye has a calming effect but with an air of intrigue.”  (Editor’s Note: This book is out of stock at DAP but can be found at specialty bookstores on Amazon.)

Katherine Leonard

Katherine Leonard is a seasoned creative professional who has worked in the dynamic arena of commercial and art photography in New York City since 1995, directing and producing art assignments and exhibitions from Paris to Dakar. Having completed a Master of Science degree in Psychology in 2006, Katherine developed and continues to teach an innovative curriculum using photography and art as a therapeutic and learning tool for at-risk adolescents. She conceived and curated an exhibition of her students work, which is currently on display at the Discovery Museum in Sausalito, CA. You can see Katherine’s inspirational work at

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